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Killjoys - Necropolis Now - Review + POLL

'Necropolis Now' put some closure on the past, while also moving the story forward in a very intriguing direction.

It is good to see D'avin stepping up earlier in the episode as more than just the brawn of the team. Both his motivational pep talk to get Dutch out of her funk, along with his speech at the Memorial Service, again to help an emotionally overwhelmed Dutch, showed the older Jaqobi brother has his way with words as much as he does with his fists.

The episode, in fact, was light on action this week, taking a step back to spend some relatively quieter time with our three heroes as they attend the funeral for the RAC agents who died last week. It was also good to see Alvis back, albeit in a minimal role.

The mystery of who was killing off the Nine's one by one was a mere setup to explore the aftermath of the death of Pawter, who's sister Louella became mad with revenge going so far as attempting to murder Johnny, who hasn't had the best of times lately. He watched the love of his life die, lost his good friend Clara, got charged for the murder of a Hullen, found out Dutch has been holding him back, and now almost gets killed by his sister law. He could really use some of that pep talking from his older brother.

Since we never got to know Louella that well, the scene involving her and Johnny at the end, when he told her murder would not help, did not pack as much emotional punch as it could have. However, what resonated the most was the mention of Pawter and how the power of his love for her stopped Louella from continuing her crimes.

We are also reminded that Johnny has not forgotten. He still lusts for revenge, which is why he let Louella off the hook.

The most intriguing part of this episode though was what happened on Aneela's ship. It seems she is a pawn and unknowingly under Gander's control, being studied by him and whatever group he is part of. In just one episode the show turned Aneela from a cruel villain to someone we somewhat sympathize.

To see her laying waste to everyone as she looked for Kendry was one powerful scene. Wow. Up until this moment, her love for Kendry seemed to be out of boredom, or at least not geniune, but it seems it as powerful as what Johnny feels for Pawter.

Speaking of Kendry, that last scene was super creepy. It had a very Alien-esque vibe to it, not surprising since showrunner Michelle Lovretta has noted the 1979 sci-fi classic as her inspiration for Killjoys.

What this pregnancy will lead to is anyone's guess. If it means less Kendry for the next few weeks, then I am all for it. Her character has been a drag this season.


Other things to note:

*Anyone else immediately get Star Wars vibes when Aneela was choking Gander and then how easily she dispatched everyone else. That gal was channeling her inner Darth Vader there. Not only did they make us sympathize her, but we also got to see just how powerful she is.

*The episode began with an awkward moment with Dutch leaning in to kiss D'avin as Johnny walks in. We never got to see them have that talk unfortunately, as the news of Aneela's brain cells and its connection to helping the older Jaqobi brother led to Dutch abandoning poor D'avin. Interesting.