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Killjoys - Heist, Heist Baby - Review

A big shout out to Kollin Lore for covering the last few episodes for me – he’ll be back to do a duet with me for the finale review! This week’s Killjoys “Heist, Heist Baby” was written by Julie Puckrin and directed by April Mullen. Puckrin has also written for X Company and Motive. This was a fun episode that brought the team back to its roots with a big heist at the center of the episode, but there were darker undertones as we learn that Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) is planning to sacrifice herself in order to kill Aneela. It’s a nice twist, and I’m looking forward to how they’re going to get her out of it. Because they have to!

The episode begins with John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) running battle scenarios – and they all end badly. We get a nice brother-scene here as they work through some of their on-going issues. They both agree that something is up with Dutch, and D’Av finally decides that if they’re going to win against all odds, they’ll have to cheat – Killjoys style!

Meanwhile, Zeph (Kelly McCormack) is studying the Hullen cube. It was a refuge for Dutch and a prison for Aneela, so there’s got to be some kind of solution there to the Dutch/Aneela prorblem, right? Is it just me or does anybody else just want to turn the tv off when Zeph comes on screen? Can not stand this character!

Meanwhile, Brynn (Kalinka Petrie) tries to help Aneela find Kendry (Maydo Nguyen). Aneela has a lot of fun taunting and torturing Gander (Ted Atherton). Atherton has managed to do a great job creating a villain I love to hate. Aneela hesitates to use the green to search Gander’s memory because she know the “Lady” in the green will then know where she is. Who is this mysterious figure who has suddenly appeared? Is this another iteration of Aneela? Is this the way they will save Dutch?

In the end, it seems like the Hullen cube is more likely a way to stop the Hullen tech. John discovers that he can disrupt the Hullen tech with the vibrations from the cube. But, he needs a sonic disrupter. Major science boo-boo alert – no sound in space, so exactly how will this work? Do we need to wave our hands at this? Regardless, they need to get the sonic disrupter from a dangerous group of miners on Westeros called the Moles. John and D’Avin go to Borna (Natasha Bromfield) for help and discover that Jelco (Pascal Langdale) is still alive and is her husband number 3! I love Langdale and he really delivers in this episode. So happy to see him back!

Dutch is excited – and way too happy about a straight-up reclamation gig for the team. And of course, we learn that this is what she thinks is her last hurrah. And of course, it’s not going to go smoothly! This delivers a hilarious scene in which Dutch and John fail to seduce a Mole to come upstairs with them, leaving D’av to seduce him with his “big gun.” D’av then takes his place in the Mole convoy that is transporting the photonic crystals and the sonic disrupter.

Naturally, everything goes awry as the Foreman (John Tench) handcuffs D’av to the steering wheel so that he can’t set off the detonator. Things get even worse when Jelco – the STD of villains – LOL – shows up with a bunch of men to steal the crystals – it’s supposed to be an anniversary present for Borna! Aw…

Borna shows up and is angry the Moles have taken her “strategy-husband” prisoner – along with D’av. Borna and Dutch work together to free their guys. We get a nice scene between Jelco and D’av in which Jelco tells D’av that he actually really loves Borna – and it’s a sign of just how tough Jelco’s life has been that this is the best situation he’s ever had! I adored the reunion between Borna and Jelco in which it’s clear that she loves him too – and not just for his strategy!

Meanwhile, after discovering Kendry’s location, Aneela has to use her own green to take back the ship. Brynn reveals that Gander has been using all kinds of different greens to dose Aneela through her baths and drinks to gain control of her. The green in her spine still appears to be true, however, and she does gain control of the ship and is reunited with Kendry.

I loved Kendry’s surprise when she looks down and sees that she’s pregnant! I wonder who’s baby this will turn out to be and if the baby is the solution to the Dutch/Aneela problem? Aneela certainly thinks that the baby may be a solution to their problem. Is the baby a physical incarnation of the mysterious “Lady?”

Kendry is happy to return to torturing Gander. She tells him that he keeps underestimating her, and payback’s a bitch. He put something in her, so now she’s going to put something in him – slave-Hullen green! So much for Gander’s semblance of freewill.

And Dutch explains to the war council that she has to take out Aneela for them to win because numbers mean nothing if they can restore the soldiers freewill by killing Aneela.

Aneela tells Kendry that she’s her tether – in fact, she’s the only thing that has ever kept Aneela grounded. Kendry tells Aneela that she had a deal with Khylen to make her Hullen when she delivered the Quad, but when she didn’t, she made herself Hullen with the equipment he’d left behind. I wonder if that is going to matter now that they’ve used new green on her? Aneela also tells Kendry that she’s hated Dutch for so long, but she’s figured out a way to kill Dutch and the Lady. It’s odd that Aneela would hate Dutch so much when she created her herself, but there it is. Aneela needs Kendry’s help to kill them, and Kendry isn’t going to like it…

Dutch finally admits her plan and the truth to D’avin. She tells him that Aneela pulled her out of the green. She is clearly troubled by what that makes her, but it ties her to Aneela. D’av doesn’t take long to realize that as Dutch’s original source of the green, killing Aneela means she will die to. Dutch tells D’avin that that’s why she gave the army to him. She knows that he can be a General, a soldier and put the war effort first whereas Johnny would have put her first. D’avin agrees to support Dutch’s plan.

        What did you think of the episode? Who is this mysterious Lady? What about Kendry's baby? Were you happy to see Jelco again? Should Dutch sacrifice herself? Should she tell Johnny? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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