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Grey's Anatomy - Season 14 - DeLuca's Sister to Be Introduced + Marika Domińczyk Not Returning *Updated*

Marika Domińczyk Not Returning
Thanks to Jay for the heads up.

DeLuca's Sister to Be Introduced

Giacomo Gianniotti revealed that in the 14th season of ABC’s hit medical drama, viewers will be introduced to DeLuca’s sister, who will be walking the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

“We are bringing my sister [in] as a new character. She is going to be a new presence at the hospital. She comes from Italy, as my character is Italian, and you get to see us exchanging some blows in Italian, which will be very interesting,”Gianniotti told ET, who has played DeLuca since season 11, at the Disney/ABC cocktail party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday.

“Her profession, although we can’t disclose it, is a very interesting one,” he hinted. “It’s going to keep a lot of the doctors on their toes, make some doctors uncomfortable [and] some people will be glad about [her coming on]. She’ll stir things up with a European background and take on medicine.”

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