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Dark Matter - My Final Gift to You - Review: "The Life and Death? of Ryo Ishida" + POLL

Why, oh why did this episode have to end there? While I’m pretty sure Two won’t be killing Ryo after that revelation, I can’t be certain. One of the things I love/hate about this show is that every episode transitions into the next, which is great for binge-watching but maddening for week after week. The show hasn’t killed off one of the original series regulars since One, but they certainly weren’t shy about killing Nyx and Devon. So while I think it would be a much more interesting story to watch Ryo try to be redeemed, I can’t say with certainty that he is safe.

So this is a very Ryo-centric episode, and Alex Mallari Jr. did some of his best work on the show to date. There were times when I simultaneously wanted to slap him and hug him, which isn’t an easy thing to do. As Ryo’s control over Zairon continued to slip and insurgents continued to plot his death, he made one final attempt to secure his future and the blink drive. Having captured Two last episode, he tried to levy her return for the blink drive. Of course, to sweeten the deal he offered our gang 30 million bars and secrets about their past. In a slightly surprising twist, our likely heroes were split on how to proceed. Three and Five wanted to take the deal while Six and Two were steadfast. Ever since Ryo has gotten his memories back, he’s struggled with the person he used to be and who he became as Four. He obviously cares deeply for the crew of the Raza as seen by his initial attempts to ask them for the blink drive as opposed to his later thievery. When it finally came time to choose a side, he sided with Zairon and allied himself against the Raza. Despite doing some terrible things, and he did do terrible things, he still has a hard time hurting his old friends. He continues to try a somewhat diplomatic approach to get the blink drive despite holding Two hostage. He could have just demanded the blink drive in return, but he opted to give his old friends money and information about their past. It’s clear he’s been struggling more than we’ve seen, but he felt his duty to the throne outweighed his loyalty to his old shipmates.

In the end, it didn’t really matter because Ryo was unceremoniously ousted from the throne. That’s right; the snake we all knew Misaki to be finally revealed her true colors. Ever since she was first introduced I didn’t trust her, and I was proven right after she killed Nyx. All of her hollow words about her loyalty to the throne and Ryo was such bullshit when it was so clear that she was only out for herself. It’s been obvious, well obvious to everyone except Ryo, that she was just biding her time until she could become the next ruler of Zairon. Thankfully, the [insert bad word here] is dead, and it was so more satisfying seeing Two kill her. So let’s all take a moment to slow clap as the [insert different bad word here] is finally gone for good. So assuming Ryo lives past this episode where does he go from here? He betrayed his friends for a place where he is no longer welcome, essentially leaving him with nothing. After Six betrayed the Raza crew, he was able to find forgiveness among them, so I’m hoping Ryo will be able to find the same. However, it’s slightly different because Six made a conscious choice to break the gang out of prison while Ryo only found himself once again among his former crew due to a promise. So while Ryo isn’t the monster everyone thought he is, he isn’t the selfless warrior we used to know. He’s just as flawed as the rest of us, and hopefully he will have a chance to atone for his past mistakes.

Two once again proves just how much of a badass she is. From taking on the guards singlehandedly at the beginning to rescuing Ryo after everything he’s done, she continues to prove how unstoppable she is. Of course, she can now add mother to that lengthy list of hats she wears, as Ryo revealed in the final few minutes that Two has a daughter. Apparently, Two and Shaw combined their genetic material and produced a child. So it turns out the only reason Two joined the crew of the Raza was to provide a better future for her daughter; cue the awes. Two, like the rest of us, has a million and one questions, but all Ryo knows is that Two entrusted Krydon a.k.a. the name from the Android’s time hopping trip to watch over the girl, who may or may not be named Karina. From all the revelations we learned this episode, I think this is the biggest game changer as it will affect Two moving forward. She has always done whatever’s best for her crew, but will she make the same choices knowing she has a daughter out there? Will she take the same risks to protect the members of the Raza if it means putting her child’s life in danger? These are all questions I hope we get answered in the next season. I’m really looking forward to see how this information will change Two. She is so different from Portia and Rebecca, but the news she has a child has the power to shape her even further. I feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface of who this unique badass warrior is, and I want to see her continue to grow.

And then we have Three, Five, and Six who learn secrets about their past. So what do these new developments mean? Ryo obviously shared them not out of kindness but in another strategic attempt to get the blink drive, but these “gifts” were nonetheless revealed. Three, unfortunately, learns that he was inadvertently responsible for “killing” Sarah due to his smuggling and storing of serillium at their house. Three made the decision he would rather forget than live with the guilt of knowing he caused the woman he loves/loved death. Of course, it may not be that simple as there may come a time when he relearns the truth and has to live with the consequences. For now, he has chosen blissful ignorance, but it will still be just as painful when he and Sarah learn about the skeleton he’s unknowingly hiding in his closet. Five, meanwhile, learns who her sister is, even though the audience is still kept in the dark. She isn’t exactly too happy with the information, and my guess is that its Alicia Reynaud a.k.a. the woman responsible for killing all of Five’s friends after Five stole part of the blink drive. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me, but it could be someone else as unappealing. All we really seem to know is that Five recognized her sister, indicating they have most likely crossed paths at some point. And, Six learns that someone is the GA blew his cover to the Raza crew before their memories were wiped. We’re most likely not going to find out who in the GA sold Six out, but I have feeling he will pursue it anyway. One of things we’ve learned about Six is that he can’t seem to let things go, and the not knowing will most likely drive him crazy. What he does with that information when he does find out remains to be seen, but he’s definitely going to keep digging until he finds the answer.

Elsewhere the Android spends most of the episode babysitting the gang in the Transfer Transit pods, but she does have a few conversations with the Chase-lookalike. The avatar of the Chase-lookalike apparently accompanies the software upgrade to offer androids “guidance” and “counsel,” but let’s be real because we all know that’s not the case. We again get confirmation that the sentient androids are planning to eventually overthrow their oppressive human overlords by whatever means necessary. This story arc has slowly been building all season, and I’m assuming it will come to a head in the season finale. While the Chase-lookalike was correct that the Android’s interactions with humans have been atypical, most people don’t think twice about their android’s feelings or wants or desires, seeing them as only machines. The tension between the two groups has been growing since the beginning of the series, and if the show is renewed for a fourth season, I think it’s likely that the androids will be next season’s “Big Bad.” It’ll be interesting to see how the continued war between the corporations play out when they may a bigger threat to face. I’m also wondering what side our motley crew of unlikely heroes will find themselves on? This storyline has the potential to be great, so I really hope we’re fortunate enough to see it play out.

So with only one episode left this season, I really have no idea what will happen next. We will definitely find out the fate of Ryo within the first few minutes, and I’m pretty sure Three will not be happy if he lives. Based on the synopsis for “Nowhere to Go,” the Raza’s crew attempts to unite Ferrous’ enemies and put an end to the corporate war before the new fleet can be used. So it looks like our favorite heroes will find themselves once again in the middle of the corporate war, and a “new fleet” leads me to wonder if Ferrous corporation somehow got a functional blink drive. I’m sure we will also end the season with one hell of a cliffhanger, which I’m predicting is the rising up of the androids against the humans. However, I could be completely wrong as this show never ceases to surprise me. Just when I think I’ve got something figured out, it completely rips the carpet out from underneath.

So hit the comments below to let me know what you think? What will happen in the season finale? Will Ryo die or be redeemed? Which discovery was the most surprising? Are the androids going to be the new threat next season?

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