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Dark Matter - The Dwarf Star Conspiracy - Advance Preview: “Scary Discovery”

Dark Matter has been on a roll this season shedding new light on plot points set up in prior seasons and that trend is continuing. This episode shows that two storylines from Season One and Season Two are far more interconnected than might have been previously thought. The title of the episode kind of gives away the theme, so it should go without saying that Dwarf Star is a big player. What is revealed will have some major repercussions on the series. It opens up a whole new storytelling avenue for the show moving forward.

It is an intense episode for the crew of the Raza. They go through a tough experience in this episode that directly affects them all. When things go from bad to worse they realize that their lives are in danger from a very ferocious new foe. It’s an intense hour of the show and really ties a lot of things together from the prior two seasons. As the name of the episode would suggest, Two plays a very big part in what happens and the discoveries that are made. Another character also has an exceptionally big part to play in this episode and the performer in question really shines in a spectacular way. Before things turn chaotic look for a very lovely moment between Two and the Android which was much needed after last week.

Like the prior episode, a lot of questions are answered and many more are asked. Dark Matter is definitely on a push to a huge epic sized season finale. The story in this episode should hype up a lot of fans because it’s unexpected yet so very cool. Dwarf Star is definitely up to a very big conspiracy that will test the crew in a really unique and new way. It also goes to show just how dangerous Dwarf Star really is. This is another must watch episode especially with how much information is revealed.

Don’t miss this episode when it airs this Friday, August 11th at 9/8c on SyFy in the US and Space in Canada.

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. What do you think the conspiracy is? Which storylines do you think this episode will elaborate on?