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Dark Matter - Built, Not Born - Advance Preview: “So Many Feelings"

Dark Matter is about to unleash a feelings heavy episode that pulls at the heartstrings while dropping some major revelations. Joseph Mallozzi, Co-Creator/Executive Producer, has called this the “feeliest” episode of the series and even that’s an understatement. Nothing that can be said here can properly prepare anyone for the masterpiece that is this episode. There is a heavy focus on Two and the Android, but they aren’t the only ones heavily impacted by the events of this episode. What they uncover will forever change everyone involved. The characters enter into this episode with one set of beliefs and end it with their worlds upside down and everything they thought they knew in question.

There are a multitude of major reveals, but one, in particular, will leave jaws on the floor. The fact that it’s so unexpected, yet explains so much, is what will leave viewers in shock. It’s a brilliant reveal that is expertly executed from the writing to the acting. There is a shared past between two members of the crew, and most have probably already guessed which two, but there is no way that anyone could possibly guess or predict the exact connection. Their shared past is one of the best and most unexpected twists the series has orchestrated yet. It leaves the characters wide-eyed and in shock, which is just about how the audience is likely to react.

A lot of blanks are filled in and questions that have been asked since the very beginning start to get answers. Except, for every answer given there are about a half dozen new questions that come to mind. This has been a season full of major reveals and big profound moments, but this one tops all the rest so far. Then, just to add to the intense nature of everything else going on, the ending promises something that could very well turn a bit sinister. The performances turned in by the whole cast are exceptional, as usual, but Melissa O’Neil and Zoie Palmer really shine as their characters go on two similar journey’s, but each dealing with their own circumstances that complicate the whole situation.

Absolutely do not miss this episode when it airs on Friday, August 4th at 9/8c on SyFy in the US and Space in Canada.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“You have robot friends?”
“But I want you to know this means a lot to me.”
“Well, this is a little awkward.”
“Sorry to be selfish, but I like this version better.”
“I’m sorry, this must be very hard for you.”

Hit the comments with your thoughts about this episode. What do you think the big reveal is?