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Younger - Post Truth - Review

Last season we were left hanging onto the edge of our seats as Liza finally confesses to Kelsey that she has been lying to her about pretty much everything. I know many of us could not wait to find out how Kelsey would handle this revelation. In Younger’s season 4 opener, titled Post Truth we see just how lying to someone you love can break their heart.

One of the biggest charms of Younger is the amazing relationships that exist in this series. The relationship between Liza and the men in her life, Josh and Charles. The relationship between Liza and Diana, between herself and Maggie. Among all of these relationships the biggest in my opinion is the bond between Liza and Kelsey. So when the truth came to light it was devastating to Kelsey that not only has she been lied to at all, but for so long. Hilary Duff did an incredible job exhibiting the pain that she was feeling. I must admit it was somewhat difficult to watch her give Liza the cold shoulder. She could barely look at Liza. That being said it was fascinating to watch even if the whole time I’m wishing that the angst going on would be resolved. The writers have done a remarkable job with this storyline. It would make sense that this lie could not be overcome in the first episode. Even though I am rooting for Kelsey and Liza to return to being best friends I’m also looking forward to seeing how this impacts the rest of the characters. The ending of this episode where Liza thinks everything has been mended and Kelsey corrects her saying that she broke her heart was so heart wrenching.

Being the first episode of the season we can see where some of the major storylines are going to take us. One of them being the relationship between Josh and Kelsey. They’re both so heartbroken over the things Liza’s done that it’s not really surprising to see them connect and turn to each other. I know from watching the trailers that it’s hinted that these two form a strong bond and it’s certainly looking like that will happen now that Kelsey has become Josh’s new roommate. I am actually looking forward to this development because I’m hoping that it will allow them to come to terms with why Liza felt she had no choice but to be dishonest. Do I want these two to become more then friends? It’s too early to say. Honestly that would be hard to watch as you would hope your best friend would not betray you in such a way but in the right circumstances you can understand.

Last season Charles told Liza that he was not interested in breaking up a serious relationship and no longer wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with her. How long will that remain the case now that Kelsey announced to the boardroom that Josh and Liza have ended their relationship? I very much enjoy the moments of Charles and Liza in this episode. They continue to skirt around their feelings for each other. It was interesting that the first thing that Charles confronts Liza about is that he hopes he wasn’t the cause of the break up. It makes me think that this season will be more of those two trying to deny the connection they have.

Younger is wonderfully entertaining and if the the rest of the season is as stunning as this season's opener, us Younger fans are in for the best season yet! I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how the rift between Kelsey and Liza continues and how it effects those around them. What are you looking forward to seeing? And what’s your feelings about the developing bond between Josh and Kelsey?

Favourite line:
Kelsey: “Are you crazy?”
Liza: “No! Yes. I don’t know anymore. Probably.”


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