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Younger - Gettin’ Hygge with It - Review

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One thing that Younger is certainly good at is pulling on your heart strings. For a 22 minute show it has the uncanny ability of taking you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One moment you’re laughing at the discussion of what a meme is. The next moment you’re holding back tears caused by the heartbreak you witness in Liza as she stares up at Josh’s apartment window. Only two episodes into the fourth season and the tension between Kelsey and Liza is only getting more intense and I can’t help but feel for what they are going through.

With Kelsey still unable to come to terms with Liza’s lies, we get a chance to see the new bond that she’s forming with her new roommate and Liza’s ex-boyfriend Josh. I know many of us are looking forward to where that relationship goes but I must admit that in this newest episode of Younger, I wasn’t overly fond of how flirty Josh seemed with Kelsey. Couple that with the way Josh treated Liza when they crossed paths on the streets of New York, and I’m thinking that Josh might easily become one of my least favourite people this season. I know that what he’s going through is incredibly tough for him but so far I’m not liking the direction his character is going. This isn’t to say that I don’t like Josh because I do very much, I was just hoping that he would cope with his breakup in a different way. Maybe less flirty and more cautious of others.

Speaking of cautious, I want to ask when is Kelsey going to learn. After how Colin treated her at her moment of need all it took was a large bouquet of roses for her to start seeing him again. I’m very happy that by the end of the episode she did realize that she made a mistake trusting him again. Not to mention that even though Liza is being shunned by Kelsey, she was still trying to lookout for Kelsey by pointing out that Colin is basically with her to use her again. The enjoyable moments of Colin being back in her life was brought to us by Lauren pointing out in a very comical way, that Kelsey has a type. Going so far as calling her a “Dopplebanger”. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, that wasn’t a spelling error. If you’re like me and like to look for foreshadowing, you might be thinking that Josh is definitely not a look a like to the others she’s dated. Does this mean he will be the one for her? Who knows, but it is interesting that observation was finally made at the time when Kelsey is clearly becoming closer to Josh.

The small Charles and Liza moment in his office was very sweet but it appears that Charles is continuing battling feelings for Liza. It the previous episode there was a comment about how he wondered if he was allowed at the party considering he was the oldest one there. Now in this episode, he asks Liza if it’s strange for her to have a “friend” that’s married to someone in their forties. If only he knew the truth! Since he doesn’t I have a feeling that this season we will see him make more comments about their age difference which in turn will only cause Liza to dig deeper with her lies. This whole series is about relationships built on lies and this season we're seeing how they can crumble when the truth is exposed. As much as I’m looking forward to see a relationship between Liza and Charles it will be hard to see her struggle with continuing to lie.

It was to entertaining to watch Diana listening into Kelsey and Liza’s conversations, then later thinking she pieced together what’s going on between them. Pretty much in all the Younger episodes I will love the Diana moments. She’s always doing something that will make you cringe, roll your eyes and just think how crazy she is. Without fail I’m always laughing at these moments but in this episode I was reminded just how Liza’s lie will impact her when she finds out. It was even brought to light to Liza by Diana’s boyfriend that she doesn’t really trust people. That’s not the case with Liza though. I certainly hope that she would be more understanding of why Liza has been lying considering she’s in her forties and divorced. Do you think she would handle it better than Kelsey? And do you think she’ll find out soon? There’s a spoiler floating around from the writer, Darren Star, that another person finds out the truth this season. Anybody have any guesses? My bets are on Lauren.

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