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Younger - Forged in Fire - Review

In yet another wonderful episode of Younger, titled Forged in Fire we witness Kelsey and Liza’s relationship reach a breaking point. Meanwhile, Josh is working hard at moving on and Diana was dealing with her own relationship problems.

Luckily for us Liza and Kelsey fans, we didn’t have to wait very long for the rift between them to come to a head. The tension between these two was becoming unbearable as we are used to seeing them working together and pretty much acting like two peas in a pod. This episode was for the most part intense with Kelsey strongly pushing Liza away and undermining her at every turn. Kelsey acting so hurtful towards Liza just shows how badly she’s hurting in turn but it was clear that Kelsey didn’t really comprehend everything Liza told her. As we see in one scene with the two of them, Kelsey was forcing Liza to keep up in the alcohol consumption saying that she should be happy because she’s getting to live her twenties again. That’s where Liza decides she’s had enough, causing her to tell another publishing company that she's interested in working for them. In a surprising turn of events Liza learns that her daughter was hospitalized causing Kelsey to really see the big picture. I love the way the writers had Kelsey see what’s important and why Liza did what she did. With her seeing what’s at stake I’m hopeful that this will strengthen their relationship in the end. It’s going to be great to witness how their dynamics will change now that the cat’s out of the bag. Now these two are not best friends in their twenties but maybe best friends that can help each other through their different stages of life. I could be wrong but I think things will become more interesting with the truth exposed.

One of my favourites, Diana had some pretty comical scenes in this episode. She has been Facebook stalking her boyfriend's ex-wife, which is never a good idea. Poor Diana thought it would be a brilliant idea to introduce herself to said ex-wife, Winnie, and she was laughed at. This caused her to only want to learn more as to why this happened. Once she confronts Winnie she learns that Richard left her to date younger models. Now we all know Diana has some issues and one of them is trust so learning this was not great but in the end when she talked to Richard about it everything seemed to be resolved. For the past few seasons we have seen Diana struggle to find someone special in her life and we also witnessed how bitter she’s been about people and their relationship. With Richard in her life she’s been acting as if she’s in new territory and I’m loving it. I hope their relationship continues to grow even stronger and we get more of her silly antics while navigating her romantic relationship.

I don’t normally mention much about Liza’s roommate Maggie. It’s not because I don’t enjoy her scenes it’s just that I get more enjoyment from the other characters. But I have to say that the relationship between her and Josh is nice to see. Often it’s perceived that you have to choose sides when relationships end and that’s not fair. Sometimes it’s necessary but in this case it’s not. The scene in the coffee shop was nice on one hand and not so nice on the other. I liked Maggie explaining to Josh how Liza didn’t exactly know what she was in for when she started dating him. However, I didn’t enjoy the Josh and Montana scenes. It’s a necessary evil, I guess. Josh has the right to move on and date others, I’m just unsure about who and how he’s choosing to do so. From the previous episode, Montana seemed like she was leading Maggie on a little bit and that just makes me think that there’s something that's not right there. What do you think, do you like the Josh and Montana storyline?


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