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Wynonna Earp - Everybody Knows - Review

'Everybody Knows' continued the pregnancy storyline along, while deepening the relationships between team Earp.

Things were turned on its head last episode by this possibility of Wynonna's baby being a Revenant. It was both understanding and shocking to see Wynonna send Jonas back to hell. Understanding because he is a sexist, good for nothing Revenant, but shocking because, well, he is the baby's dad, presumably. But Wynonna already has strong support - both Dolls and Doc care for her. Doc especially expressed that care in 'Everybody Knows.' His real talk with Wynonna was so deeply affecting. Regardless of whether he is the father or not, Doc has proven to be someone that Earp can depend on.

On top of the two men, Wynonna has a sister who is also her best friend for life, and her friendship with Haught is also progressing along positively. Their time at the bar was just too funny. And as Wynonna says, Haught is simply adorable when she is drunk.

Wynonna's pregnancy not only affects her direct relationship with those around her, but it also affects the relationship that others have with eachother. 'Everybody Knows' was an important episode mainly because of its exploration of the relationship between Dolls and Doc.

When Doc's life is in danger from a Marshal from the past, Doc saves him, ultimately proving the respect that both have for each other. The 'who is the father' and 'who does Wynonna love' conundrum brings the two together, when it should separate them and put them at odds, and that is inspiring to see. The whole team feels like a family - a group of people who look out for and love one another. The main cast have done a great job in one and a half seasons getting that feeling across - there is such an indelible chemistry that exists between the cast that makes this show special.

New to this tight knit cast is Jeremy, who again had some hilarious quips this episode. Most of the humour in 'Everybody Knows' was physical humour with Jeremy accidentally bonding the three of them together, creating some laugh out loud moments. The former Black Badge nerd has been a consistent bright spot and a genius addition to Wynonna Earp this season.

Overall, Wynonna Earp continues to walk on thin ice with this pregnancy storyline. So far, the past two episodes have handled our titular hero's predicament entertainingly and with some depth. Each of the characters and those who portray them have made this storyline work individually and as a team. However, Wynonna Earp is on the verge of becoming a soap opera and that is worrisome. For now, it is hard to put up much complaint.