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Transmutation: A Character Study - Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder)

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When you think of How to get away with Murder Michaela Pratt certainly won't be the first name that pops into your head. But she should be! The character portrayed by the stunningly talented and beautiful Aja Naomi King went through a character development that impressed and should be noticed.

When introduced to the world of How to get away with Murder we find a very closed of Michaela, very focused, very pushy and aiming for her perfect life. But as the story progressed things quickly unraveled and her character slowly but steadily evolved from the pretentious "Prom Queen" in season 1 to the Mama Bear who is keeping the Keatings together by the end of season 3.

As a side character to the main story, Michaela didn't get too much screentime in the first season. She did make a great use of every scene she was in though.Aja Naomi King gave so much edge and spark to this character that it was a great joy to watch her fight herself to the top against the rest of her fellow Keating 5 members. The perfectionism within her character served up some great scenes like her struggling with being a Keating 5 and prepping Torts.

But the first cracks in her perfect image started coming up with the introduction of her fiancee Aiden Walker. The by Eliot Knight played character quickly turned into a torn in her perfect image when it was revealed that Aiden had a fling with Connor back when they were 16 years old. Following Sam's death, Michaela's views on her perfect life changed. She realized that she doesn't need a man who couldn't be at her side when she had a bad moment and who couldn't stand up for them. The 2nd face off with Aiden's mother was even more powerful and Michaela rose to the occasion and put her where she belonged, in her past.

Season 2 was quite shaky for her character as she was mostly used a love interest to fill in the gaps. Still, it showed a lot of how her character evolved from the stuck up person afraid of showing any sign of weakness. Michaela opening up to not only the Keating 5 members but to these men showed a lot of growth from her side. It was nice to see her connect to Caleb considering her back story with her growing up in a Foster family while he was adopted. Aja really opened up and embraced the character as Michaela was slowly let her guards down and was showing a more human side of her character.

But my breakthrough moment regarding her character was in the season 3 premiere when Annalise saved her from a DIU charge and as the emotions rose between the two women and they've shared such a powerful and sincere moment that really moved me and made me realize how much I love this perfectly flawed character.

Season 3 overall was a great season for Michaela. I mean I hate her relationship with Asher, I don't like their chemistry, not really feeling it but even with that in mind I appretiated the way their relationship slowly grew and developed and how much the two of them embraced each others flaws and virtues and adapted to each other. And while Michaela opened up to Asher you could see how she turned into a stable person who will glue the remaining Keating 5 upon Wes' death.
The amount of growth she showed after Wes' demise was simply spectacular. Michaela Pratt knows pain and she showed so much strength by catering primarily to Laurel and the rest of the group in their darkest hour. She was so amazing in those final 6 episodes of season 3, she busted balls and took names like the Mama Bear she is. So many great mic drop moments as she took over the role of Mama Bear. Her putting down the University president, bringing the heat to Oliver and just being a kicka*s support to her gurl, Laurel.

At the end of the day, I've chosen Michaela Pratt for this article cause of all the small changes the writers and Aja Naomi King incorporated into this character from the Pilot till the season 3 finale. In the process, they've created a strong, independent women who can stand up for herself and who embraced her new family and will fight for them like a lion and I can't wait to see what amazing stuff she'll do in the coming seasons.

I hope you've enjoyed the article and feel free to sound off in the comment section sharing your thoughts on the character and the article. And don't forget to stop by next Tuesday when another article will be posted.

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