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The Bold Type - The Woman Behind The Clothes - Advance Preview: It Always Comes Back To Sex

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"What's bigger than sex and relationships? I'm serious, it's why a thousend ships were launched, it's the reason we fight wars, we've impeached a President because of sex. Why do you think Vladimir Putin is riding around Russia on a horse without a shirt?"

The Woman Behind The Clothes

This episode is funny and inspiring, and it once again surprised me in the way they choose to tell their stories, even if the differences could pass as subtle. Ryan (Dan Jeanotte) is doing wonders for Jane's self-esteem, not just physically, and this is in perfect syntony with Jane getting bolder by the minute. And I have to say the male characters here are far from the one note eye-candy (though eye-candy they are) we could expect them to be, they are supportive, they challenge our ladies and there is, I can't believe I'm saying this, no douchery at all.

Now, why is this so weird? Because every female driven drama I've seen so far has always had the nice guys and the bad guys, and the bad guys are hot as hell, and also freaking douchebags, so it's nice to see that, for once, even though they are not the typical perfect nice guy, these characters are actually decent human beings, and I hate that this is the first time I feel I can actually say that, but it adds to how unexpectedly awesome this show is.

Speaking of which, Alex continues to be a supportive friend to Sutton and informs her of an opening job in the fashion department as Oliver's assistant. I'm not against these two becoming something at some point, but I really hope they get to be friends first, I would hate for this show to go the expected cliché route now, after proving my previous preconceptions wrong. Anyways, the fashion department happens to have an emergency which will finally give Sutton a chance to shine and actually do what she loves, though she will, of course, struggle to balance it all.

Our girls' storylines progress as expected, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Jane is going for her dreams as well, she wants to be a political writer, and it's good to see she has her priorities straight. Once again, her article will become a completely different thing that she initially intended, and as always, I mean that in a good way. Now Kat's storyline is a bit smaller in this episode but it tackles an important theme I'll call cyber bullying even though it's about more than that. She begins with a new challenge and a new idea to present to the board, and we know she always has the confidence for it, but this time she decides to take a stand on a particular issue and its response might affect her more than she thought possible.

Some quotes:
"You have this idea of the kind of writer you should be, but don't let that keep you from the kind of writer you could be."
"How much do people suck on the Internet this week?"
"As long as she doesn't do it in here."

Catch The Bold Type tonight at 9/8c.

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