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The Bold Type - Oh Hell No - Review + POLL

This week on The Bold Type, Jane has to write an article about orgasms, which she’s never had. This leads her to seek help from professionals, which gets her into an awkward situation. She ends up taking a risk by writing an honest article under her own name and kissing Ryan, a writer for another magazine. Sutton is torn between a job that is safe and pursuing her dream of working in fashion. Kat deals with her feelings for Adena and almost confesses them to her until she sees that Adena has a girlfriend. 

Most relatable: I really struggled to figure out which storyline to choose for this title because they’re all so relatable to me, but I had to go with Kat. It’s not a secret that we live in a heteronormative society. Kat, who always thought that she was straight (because that’s what we all immediately assume when a woman is sexually attracted to men), is now coming to the conclusion that straight may not be the right label for her. I’m so excited about this storyline because it does seem like they’re headed into the ‘sexual vs romantic attraction’ discussion. Kat mentioned that when she sees Adena she wants to kiss her but the minute she starts to think about sex, she goes ‘nope’. This could mean that while she’s heterosexual, she might be biromantic. I know I’m probably just getting my hopes up, but I really want to see this story told on TV. There are just not enough people that know that there’s a difference between romantic and sexual attraction. 

Most courageous: I really related to Sutton as well this week, more so than in the pilot. As someone who has just graduated from college (yay), I also have to make some work-related decisions and it’s not easy. Sutton has to choose between a stable and safe job that she’s not all that excited about and a job that has many unknown factors and is a huge financial risk. I didn’t expect her to go with the risky option, she seemed like someone who liked playing it safe, but she’s taking the leap. I’m curious to see how she’ll do. It’ll be nice to see her be passionate about something. 

Favorite duo: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the relationship between Jane and Jacqueline. It’s so refreshing to see a boss on TV that really pushes her writer to get out of their comfort zones and helps them be the best they can be. She could’ve easily just told Jane her story was boring and have been done with it. But instead, she gave her constructive criticism and most importantly, positive feedback when the article was finished. This may not seem as much but I recently did a thesis on burn-out and it seems that positive feedback from your employer can make a huge difference. She coached Jane to write a great article and made her feel confident enough to sign it with her own name rather than post it anonymously. The only thing that was missing was her walking in on Kat removing the egg, that would’ve been hilarious. 

Favorite aspect: While the friendships were my favorite thing in the pilot, this week I have to go with the humor. This episode was really funny, but without trying too hard. This is always my main issue with sitcoms, it almost always feels like they’re trying too hard. It’s why I prefer regular drama shows. There the humor always feels more spontaneous (with the occasional exception). From the opening scene to the situations Jane got into while trying to write her story, while some may have felt a bit crazy, they did seem like moments that could actually happen to you. I mean, what is the best place to talk to your gynecologist about orgasms? 
Love triangle? There were a lot of scenes with Sutton and Alex this week, which leads me to believe that the writers are planning a love triangle with Sutton, Richard, and Alex. There are few things I hate more than love triangles (insta-love, for example) so can we please not go there. Alex seems like a nice guy and there’s no way that this will end well for him since Sutton is already involved with Richard. And I thought Sutton and Richard were going to stop hiding their relationship, whatever happened to that? 

Best quotes: Kat: “This is your worst nightmare in the best possible way.” 
Richard: “And you didn’t want to pursue finance after graduation?” Sutton: “Oh, you mean when I graduated into the worst job market in 50 years, thanks to your generation?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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