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The Bold Type - No Feminism In The Champagne Room - Preview: I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

"This day sucks!"

No Feminism In The Champagne Room

Hey, guys. I'm so glad to be previewing this show one more week, hopefully, this will continue to be the case. On this episode of The Bold Type, the girls don't have the best day ever, and not every conflict has a happy ending.

Sutton and Jane visit a strip club to meet Morgan, a woman who left Wall Street to become a stripper and was interviewed by Jane for a profile on female empowering. But Morgan is not happy about the article and Jane gets kicked (or rather carried à-la-vedette) out and finds out she's being sued for outing her, this means she has to spend time with Richard, which is a bit awkward.

Kat wakes up in a foreign place filled with confusing feelings and a full day of angst, which leads to an embarrassing tweet. And a struggle with normalcy and consequences makes her act really immature. It's good that Kat too has flaws, which doesn't mean I didn't get the urge to slap her once or twice, especially since what she does puts her at risk of losing Adena.

Sutton faces some financial disappointments and has to fight for herself. She meets her replacement and it's made clear that Alex might present a problem for her and Richard, which is a shame and little cliché, though it doesn't mean the resolution has to be a chliché as well.

I love the relationship between this girls, usually, Kat is the one that shines, but on this episode, we get to see some Jane/Sutton love, and it's awesome. I have to say, even if what happens and the resolutions to the problems on this show aren't groundbreaking, the way things happen, the little details, the characters, are all so fresh it makes all of it worth it.

Some quotes:
"I'm the new you."
"I'm actually a huge fan of not talking."
"Try it." "No, you look really stupid."
"I still win, but Sutton comes in second."

Catch The Bold Type Tuesday August 1st at 9/8c.