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The Bold Type - If You Can't Do It With Feeling - Preview: Politics Fit Them Like A Glove

"Beeing right is not always enough."

If You Can't Do It With Feeling

Hey, guys, this might just be my last preview since there are no more screeners for now, so just in case this is it, it has been a pleasure writing about this show and I'll continue to root for its success. So let's gets to it.

On this episode of The Bold Type, the girls continue to have hilarious closet-talks. Jaqueline continues to prove she's a great boss, not just to Jane. Alex continues to be a good friend to the girls, though I wish he got more to do than just be the supportive friend, and I don't mean a love triangle. Jane and Ryan are "hanging", Sutton gets ignored in a very funny way, and there's a perfect moment with a perfect song.

This episode gets a little bit more political than the last ones, but it does an amazing job in showing things are not that easy when you're fighting ideas, and Aisha Dee shines once more, especially when she's challenged and feels defeated. We can see this when Kat gets a surprise visit from Adena that disappoints her a little bit but it gives them a chance to know each other better and realize just how different they are.

On the professional front, Sutton has to make a mood-board to convince Oliver to hire her and gets in a mess that's a little cliché, and poor Richard tries to help but messes up. Jane gets invited to be on a panel about political writers which inspires Jaqueline to turn this into an opportunity for the magazine to get more involved with politics, she feels a little bit out of her depths but she gets support from everyone around her.

Some quotes:
"Maybe they should think we're the biggest magazine they have because we rock the boat."
"We were in the right." "I wish that was all that mattered."
"Well, damn Sloan."
"Is he Batman?"

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