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Teen Wolf – Said the Spider to the Fly – Advanced Review

Beacon Hills – home to resurrected and non-resurrected psychos of all kinds, a kanima, alpha pack, evil druid, nogitsune, teen assassins, steampunk scientists, wereanimals, kitsunes, banshees, and so much more. After 5.5 seasons of chaos, we are finally saying goodbye to the most dangerous town since Sunnydale. For over half a decade (or about 3 years in Teen Wolf time), Scott and his pack have been protecting their town from the monsters nightmares are made of. They’ve made new allies and lost treasured friends, weathering the good and bad times together. But as in all towns, time marches on in Beacon Hills too. As 6B opens, the home team (Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia) gets ready for life after high school while the JV Squad (Liam, Mason, and Corey) prepares for senior year. Let’s just say that some are adjusting better than others.

Happiest of all are Mama McCall, Lydia’s mom, and Malia. The first two just want their kids safe somewhere else. Malia wants to go to France. But Beacon Hills is not through with them just yet. During lacrosse practice, a wolf wanders onto the field with blood on its jaws until Scott red eyes it away. Since there aren’t supposed to be any wolves in California according to season 1, Scott and Liam track it to a whole mess of other dead wolves. At school the next day, there is another animal swarm. Yes, trouble is brewing in Beacon Hills again and lots and lots of bugs. Meanwhile at Eichen House, our favorite asylum for the supernaturally insane, something old is stirring and it is not going to be kept in. Not when it has a monster to track down. Just like using the nemeton allowed the nogitsune to escape in 3B, defeating the Wild Hunt in 6A has let something new out, putting Beacon Hills is dire danger again.

Episode Tidbits:

There are 3 new characters: Nolan, who is like early Isaac, the hot older guy, and the new guidance counselor, who gets extended time in this episode and is as shady as Deaton’s sister was.

Coach gets a brief cameo.

One supernatural creature uncharacteristically loses control on multiple occasions and no reason is given yet.

Warning – if you are not a fan of bugs, rats, or gigantic spider webs, this may not be the episode for you.

Bingo Square – Mason tells Liam that he is super special…twice.


Finally, someone questions what happened in the library
Lydia won’t let her mom pretend Beacon Hills is normal
Malia is nonchalant while Liam and Mason freak out
Mama McCall has her own defense system to Scott’s surprise
Monster fight showdown
Scott, born leader and protector, who probably won’t be allowed to leave Beacon Hills until it’s reduced to rubble
Stiles goes old school, season 1 comedic relief again
The voicemail but not the decision about it
“Why does this keep happening to our school?”