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Stitchers - Dreamland - Advance Preview: “Conspiracies and Revelations”

Big reveals, bitter betrayals, and hard decisions are the guiding forces of this episode. There is a lot crammed into this hour, but it all flows perfectly thanks to a tightly written script. This episode manages to give all the characters great moments while never feeling rushed. As opposed to recent weeks this one seems more fun with a little bit less high-intensity drama than recently. Don’t worry though, even though most of the episode is just a fun case of the week, by the end the drama and high emotions are back. The big betrayals and heartbreaking moments arise towards the end of the hour and close out the episode on one big intense moment where a startling revelation is made.

The case of the week is a bit more lighthearted than recent weeks and is fun to watch the team work on. Working on the case forces the team to break apart and confront some of the issues going on in their own lives. Camille is dealing with what happened with Amanda while Fisher is trying to decide his future with Stephanie. Then there are Cameron and Kirsten who are still in the process of dealing with everything that happened with their relationship. Cameron even goes to some pretty big lengths to prove himself. Linus is also forced to handle some relationship issues. All of the characters have terrific moments both individually and as a team and it’s great to have them all get to work together.

Tune in to see the team deal with an interesting case, but be prepared for a tense ending that could have some major ramifications going forward. This is a big Fisher episode as a big part of the relationship drama centers around him and his wife. What will come of that? If Fisher has to choose between the team and his wife who will win out? And just how far will Cameron go for his relationship with Kirsten? Several characters end up revealing major secrets while others are forced to go off on their own in the hopes of finding answers to pressing questions. A lot is about to go down in this fun and jam packed episode.

Don’t miss the episode when it airs on Monday, July 31st at 9/8c on Freeform.

Here are some quotes to tide you over until Monday:

“I’m not risking us again.”
“This is all flavors of nuts.”
“Welcome back to the twenty-first century.”
“When did I become the mature adult here?”
“Hate to admit it, but you’re my family.”

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. What do you want to see happen? What do you think will happen?