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SpoilerTV's Weekly Round Table: Special Edition 2017 Emmy Snubs

Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of SpoilerTV's Weekly Round Table.The Emmy nods are out and as always the Academy overlooked some brilliant performers and shows and here are our thoughts on who got SNUBBED this year. This week I'm (MK) joined by Andy (AP), djriter (DR), Milo (MI), Emmaline Harvey (EH), Saloni Gajjar (SG), Bradley Adams (BA) and Laura (LS). Your job is just to sit/lay back, enjoy the read and share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

NOTE* : The participants of the RT were reduced to 3 choices per answer.

1.) Which Drama shows got snubbed this year?

MK: Good Behavior. Hate that the show was snubbed out of a slot. Yes, it is a very tough competition but still felt the show had the strength to snatch a slot in the category. GB was funny and pure drama at the same time followed by great performances by Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto.

AP: The Leftovers

MI: I have several shows that I've loved to see nominated from the drama category, but whilst series like Black Sails, Halt and Catch Fire, American Gods and Legion were all long shots the biggest crime of all was no nomination for The Leftovers. Seriously, this is the biggest injustice of the Emmys! The Leftovers is leagues above any other television show that I've seen this year, its powerful, fantastic storylines and masterpiece of a final season really made it a powerful viewing experience that blew me away and left me breathless. Yet apparently, according to Emmy voters, House of Cards in one of its worst seasons is better.... They should have at least considered that HoC is likely to get another shot, but The Leftovers isn't.

SG: BATES MOTEL! I mean, it was the last shot this show had and I cannot believe it got snubbed. Season 5 was a great end to the show and I can’t believe House of Cards is on there but not Bates Motel. Also, The Americans and Orange is the New Black.

BA: Really, without The Leftovers in it, the Outstanding Drama Series category is almost entirely pointless. It's a masterpiece of television and reflects quite badly on the Emmys that it doesn't have a spot here.

I'd have liked to see The Americans keep its place despite season five being its weakest, but mostly because I was hoping for the Emmys to be weird and retroactively honor something great by giving it a win in a year it doesn't deserve to. Like Peter Dinklage in 2015.

LS: An easy one. iZombie, Black Sails, Madam Secretary, HTGAWM, Mary Kills People, American Gods, and Legion. That’s all the dramas I cared about.

2.) Which performers in the Drama category got snubbed this year?

MK: Freddie Highmore for sure. It was his last chance but he delivered his best performance in this final season of Bates Motel.
Michelle Dockery being absent in one of the toughest categories isn't maybe a big snub but her performance was truly beyond anything else on TV.
And of course my girl Aja Naomi King. A rising star in the making and this girl will do amazing stuff in her career.

AP: Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon.

DR: There was one name and one name only I wanted to see on the Emmy nomination list this year and that was Chyler Leigh as Alex in Supergirl for her brilliant work during Alex's coming out storyline. I knew it was a long-shot and quite frankly I didn't see anything more Emmy worthy on television all year. The range of emotions and reactions Chyler Leigh took Alex through in these episodes is the stuff that acting teachers can't teach. She dug soooo deep, her scenes were real, heart-rending, gut-wrenching, honest and emotional. If anything she should have received the nomination for Alex's emotional breakdown with Kara at the end of Ep. 6 Changing. That was pure, raw emotion on display and an actress at the very top of her game, giving her all for the scene. I long for the day when the Academy gets passed their biases and start recognizing the amazing work in all genres. So in my opinion, there wasn't a better performance from an actress in a supporting role in a drama, than Chyler Leigh, Alex, on Supergirl.

MI: Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon are the obvious choices for best actor and best actress too, although Coon got nominated for her performance in Fargo which was pretty good she was leagues ahead in The Leftovers and really deserved to be recognized. Same with Theroux, who aced his role. Seeing as Tatiana Maslany doesn't qualify for this year's nominations my third nod would go to Toby Stephens in Black Sails - his performance as Flint is one of the best I've seen at delivering a fantastic anti-hero and a well-rounded performance that really deserved a look in.

EH: Iain DeCaestecker (as Leo Fitz) and Elizabeth Henstridge (as Jenna Simmons.) I know that sci-fi and comic shows are notoriously snubbed or ignored by the Emmys (ex: most seasons of LOST, The Walking Dead), but season 4 of Agents of SHIELD should not have been ignored. The writers challenged every single actor to play multiple versions of themselves while putting them in unbelievably dramatic, heart-wrenching scenes. Turning romantic, anxious Fitz into a ruthless leader working with his abusive father would have been just a cool chance to wear different clothes for a lesser actor, but DeCaestecker made audiences truly fear him with the most subtle gestures.

And Henstridge kept audiences in tears with nearly every single one of her scenes in the back half of season 4 as she tried desperately to save her friends. The scenes she shared with DeCaestecker were truly some of the most compelling moments I've ever seen on TV.

SG: Freddie Highmore. Vera Farmiga. Winona Ryder. THAT IS ALL.

BA: If I can possibly count every Leftovers actor, both male and female, as one person, that would be wonderful.

Beyond that, Michael McKean gave one of the performances of the year in Better Call Saul, but somehow misses out to the undeserving - but still wonderful - Jonathan Banks. And sticking with Saul, Rhea Seehorn is a real wonder, bringing the humanity and the light to an otherwise dark season of a quickly darkening show, and I'm really sad she didn't get recognition.

LS: Toby Stephens is the first huge snub. From what I saw of him, he was excellent and exceptional in every single scene he was in. He commanded such authority to this role and seeing how this was his last chance to get in makes me even sadder. I guess the others would be Rose McIver and MALCOLM GOODWIN! Oh my god, Malcolm deserved this so much. He finally got a story worthy of acclaim and he acted the hell out of it every single week. Even when episodes were a complete disaster, Clive was always there with his deadpan sarcasm to lighten up a scene with his presence. Though I’d also mention every single actress from HTGAWM.

3.) Which Comedy shows got snubbed this year?

MK: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Even though the Academy pretends to be blind when someone mentions The CW and most of the time they are right to do so. But CEG's season two was such a fulfilling experience that I can honestly say I'm shocked. And of course Speechless, the bravest new show out there. The way this show sends a message while being funny and heartwarming should've secured it spot.

MI: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Brockmire are two comedy shows that I felt deserved to get a look in. B99 was excellent as usual this year and whilst I was never expecting Brockmire to get a look in it would have been nice as it was incredible. A third would be Dear White People as a show that I really loved (it's one of Netflix's best), but that was ignored, too. Modern Family aside though which I don't watch, I'm happy with the nominated shows and it's amazing to see Atlanta there!

SG: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Such a gem. I wonder why it wasn’t up there. I’m surprised. Transparent wasn’t up there, either. But mainly, Brooklyn 99, which has been consistently hilarious. It’s time Modern Family was shown the backseat.

BA Baskets, Brockmire, and One Day at a Time. Baskets is a gem, sad and miserable when it needs to be but capable of inducing side-splitting laughter in me. Brockmire made me laugh harder than any other show on TV in the last year, and One Day at a Time found a very nice balance between being emotional and serious, and terrifically funny.

LS: AHA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Emmys. Why do you insist on nominating Modern Family, a show so completely beyond its glory days that it’s not only sad but infuriating to see it steal the acclaim that other comedies truly deserve. I don’t even think I need to mention B99 here since everyone knows how I feel about it, but I will. This season was its best one yet. ITS BEST SEASON. I think the fact that “Moo Moo” was an episode that existed this year should’ve been enough of a reason to give it a nomination, but apparently not. I don’t know what more this show would have to do to get the recognition it deserves. Yeah, there was also Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, One Day at a Time, The Good Place, Dear White People, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Schitt’s Creek, Trial & Error…comedies, in general, this year were truly incredible. And these picks, in my opinion, really deserved it more than the same picks we get every f*cking year.

4.) Which performers in the Comedy category got snubbed this year?

MK: With CeG being my snubbed comedy Rachel Bloom and Donna Lynne Champlin are my choices for the snubs in the performer's category. A truly amazing performance by both ladies who were successful in portraying real chaotic women fighting the everyday struggle.
And of course, the Emmy's overlooked Constance Wu's brilliance one more time. Her performance improves year after year and it is a shame she isn't on the list between this comedic treasures cause she belongs there.

MI: Hank Azaria for Brockmire is the main actor who I wanted to get a nomination for Comedy - he was superb, but like I mentioned above, Brockmire never stood a chance, unfortunately. Andre Braugher being overlooked too is criminal because although Matt Walsh and Tony Hale were both fantastic this year, Veep didn't need two nominations for one category. I would have also liked to have seen some more love for Logan Browning, as she aced her role in Dear White People.

SG: Rachel Bloom. Love her work on the show. I know it’s great that a song got nominated but really, just a measly song? Bloom has such a complicated character and she plays it so well. Definitely worth a nominee if not a win. Issa Rae! Zach Woods!

BA: Hank Azaria is so great on The Simpsons, voicing all that he has over the years. But I took so much joy from him piecing together the most vulgar things you could think of, at times while commentating on the sex he's having. I never expected a nomination, but it would have been so richly deserved.

Ted Danson's comic record isn't exactly unproven, yet he somehow got ignored for a great performance in The Good Place - funnily enough, another comedy series ignored.

And for my third choice, Andre Braugher. My evidence:


LS: I know you were waiting for my answer to this. I know everyone who knows me probably associates me with one actor (no, not Hugh Laurie, he was actually nominated for something this year). ANDRE BRAUGHER. ANDRE MOTHERF*CKING BRAUGHER. You’ve heard me talk time and time again about his perfect performance and perfect character, but here me out as to why THIS YEAR is the absolute worst possible year to snub this man. You could watch any, and I mean ANY episode of Season 4 and find a Holt moment worthy of laughs, and acclaim. I’m not joking. Whether it was “BONE?“, his dance & rap, the Windsor knot, talking to Rosa, talking to Terry, VINDICATION!, his over the top announcement of the Halloween heist. I could literally go on forever. There’s really no other choice here for me (other than Terry Crews for “Moo Moo”, and Donna Lynne Champlin, who I think deserved it more than Rachel Bloom) and it’s an actual crime he didn’t get a nomination. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Every year he shows up to the Emmys only to watch his name never be called. He has to sit there and pretend he’s not the best choice in the category as if ANYONE could EVER give a better performance than him. I can’t even talk about the other categories (basically every comedy I already mentioned had WAY more worthy nominees than what we got) because this one was so utterly disgusting. If you want to know more specifics see our Staff Awards because we pretty much nailed it.

5.) Which Limited Series/ TV Movies got snubbed this year?

MK: Gilmore Girls! I loved the revival so much and while I wasn't surprised that AHS and American Crime were overlooked I think GG deserved a nod.

MI: I don't watch a lot of limited series so I'm happy with the picks from what I've seen. I would have liked to see Sun Records and When We Rise get some nods though, I really did like both shows, no matter how unlikely it was to see them there.

SG: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I know people weren’t too happy with it but it was actually done really well with a smart concept for a revival and the acting was pretty damn flawless.

LS: I might be the only one here who saw the Looking movie, so that one.

6.) Which performers in the Limited Series/TV Movie category got snubbed this year?

MK: Lauren Graham. Lauren was once again the shining star of Gilmore Girls and the revival was all about her impeccable performance. Maybe the next time around.

MI: Again, same deal as above, my limited series choices are rather restricted by how little I've watched. I would have liked to see Chad Michael Murray nominated for Sun Records as he was good as Sam Phillips, and in an ideal world we'd have Mary Elizabeth Winstead nominated for Fargo whilst Coon was nominated for The Leftovers, but I guess, The Emmys are always going to be The Emmys...

SG: Lauren Graham. Kelly Bishop. Mary Elizbaeth Winstead. Three total powerhouses who deserved a nomination but this category was the toughest one because every single nominee is also so brilliant.

BA: For a long stretch of Fargo season 3, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was holding it together. It's astounding that she doesn't have a nomination here.

LS: Everyone in the Looking movie delivered amazing performances. Murray Bartlett, Raúl Castillo, Jonathan Groff, Lauren Weedman, Frankie Alvarez. They were all worthy.

It is your turn now guys. Scroll down and share your thoughts in the comment section down below.And hope to see you this weekend when our regular edition comes out.