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Shadowhunters - A Problem Of Memory - Review + POLL

This week on Shadowhunters, Simon hangs out with vampires and ends up thinking he killed a human. This turns out to not be true but he does make his first vampire kill. He and Clary decide to take a break. Luke has Raphael erase Ollie's memories of what happened with Simon. Magnus struggles with the resurgence of past memories. Aline visits the Institute to visit Sebastian, who is not actually Sebastian but Jonathan Morgenstern. He kills the real Sebastian when the latter escapes captivity. During the transfer to Idris, Sebastian intercepts Valentine. 

Character that has me worried: Magnus has been struggling ever since the body switch with Valentine. As someone who is immortal, I could imagine that he would take his time processing everything. It’s not that he suddenly remembered something he never knew before, but he has taken care over the centuries to bury these memories so it’ll take him some time to move past it. While Alec was there for him when he needed it, I really don’t think he can quite grasp what it was like for Magnus. This is one of those times that I wish we’d already had Katarina Loss on the show. Only another warlock can really understand what it’s like to grow up as a warlock. That being said, Magnus did need to hear Alec say that he loves him unconditionally. 

I want more: A few episodes ago, I started to wonder if the story was going to stay in New York rather than move to Idris. However, recent events now have me convinced that we’re right on track for the big move that happened in book 3. We’ve seen a glimpse of Idris at the end of the episode and got to meet Aline. I hope we see more of her soon. There are many aspects of the Idris storyline that I’m looking forward to, though I’m a bit worried about how everything will look since the show doesn’t exactly have a big movie budget. 

Finally, some progress: Sebastian’s storyline had been a bit slow so far but we definitely got some progress this week. We’ve known for a while that there was something shady about him, more so than in the books where we were clueless for so long, but it wasn’t until this week that we got the full scope. I’m so relieved his true identity has been revealed, it’s incredibly annoying trying to talk around huge spoilers in these reviews. But things sure took a departure from the books were his looks are concerned. On the show, he seems to have taken on Sebastian’s appearance because his own is … hideous (for lack of a better word). Now that’s he’s reunited with his father, and his cover is still intact, things are bound to get interesting. Especially since it does seem like Sebastian has the upper hand in the relationship, something Valentine isn’t used to. 

Bad idea: While I know Vampires could do the Encanto thing, I didn’t think it would work on memories the way it does in The Vampire Diaries. Either way, it seems like a really bad idea to me. Messing with someone’s head is always tricky and I have a feeling that this may come back to bite Luke in the ass. Let’s hope Raphael didn’t erase too much of Ollie. 

The end: While they didn’t officially end things, it does seem like the end of Simon and Clary’s relationship. Despite Clary’s promises, Simon can’t shake the feeling that there’s more between her and Jace and he’s not wrong. While I do think that Clary loves Simon, I think she’s in denial when it comes to Jace. The problem is that Simon has been in love with Clary since they were kids, he said so himself, but Clary is not that person anymore. She’s changed a lot in the past year and so has Simon. Maybe if they’d both been human, things could’ve worked out but they’re not. Simon got a real dose of reality this week. Because he’s a Daylighter, I can imagine that he feels more human again. But he’s not and he needs to come to terms with that first before he can make any relationship work. 
Best quotes: Izzy: “That manipulative little wench, I hate the Seelie Queen.” 
Simon: “Ever since I was a kid, feet have totally grossed me out. Even women’s feet.” Ollie: “You know what grosses me out? Murder.” Simon: “There’s no way I could’ve done this. I didn’t kill her.” Ollie: “Seriously? An anti-foot fetish, that’s your defense?” 
Magnus: “I never wanted you to see this terrible, ugly side of me. My past.” Alec: “There is nothing ugly about you.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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