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Shadowhunters - A Dark Reflection - Review + POLL

This week on Shadowhunters, they realize that Valentine’s plan is to summon the angel Raziel who will grant him one wish. The hunt for the Mortal Mirror is on. Sebastian kills a warlock who knows where it is and then goes after Dot. Clary keeps getting visions of Lake Lynn. Izzy helps Max train for his first assignment. Simon asks Maia out, who rejects him at first, but later changes her mind. Magnus finds out Alec lied to him about the Soul Sword. Max realizes Sebastian is Jonathan. 

Trouble in paradise: When things go too well for a certain couple, you know there’s trouble headed their way. I can understand both Magnus and Alec’ perspectives. Alec has so much pressure on him from the Clave, I know he wanted to tell Magnus what was going on but if it had leaked somehow, chances are Alec would’ve been blamed. And I get that Magnus felt betrayed, this does affect him immensely, but I think bringing in the Seelie Queen is a bad idea. He’s been around long enough to have had several dealings with the Seelies so he should know how untrustworthy they are. They may not be able to lie but they are master manipulators. This will not end well. Let’s just hope it ends better for Magnus and Alec. 

It’s starting: I can already see the triangle between Simon, Maia and Izzy forming. You will hear (or read) me complain a lot about this in future reviews. I was not a fan of this storyline in the books. It was a mess. I just hope that it doesn’t last long and that we get to see Jordan soon since he was already hinted at this week. 

Character will need therapy: I completely understand why Clary is so reluctant to give up on Jonathan. I actually think that Jace is being a bit quick to judge based on the fact that Jonathan has demon blood, since not too long ago everyone (including Jace, himself) thought he was the one with demon blood. I know that he’s right, of course, but at this point, he can’t know that yet. Clary has lost most of her family so it’s only natural that she wants to hang on the what’s left. However, when she realizes who Sebastian really is, she’s going to be in serious need of therapy. Especially after that kiss. 

Disturbing, to say the least: Before we know who Sebastian really was he seemed to have it together most of the time. I don’t know if it’s being reunited with his father or just that people are closing in on him, but he seems to be unraveling very quickly. I mean, what the hell was that kiss. It was weird in the books and it’s still weird on the show. But I guess he’s kind of become fixated on Clary. I think her saying that there’s something worth saving about Jonathan really meant something to him. He’s always been told that his mother hated him, his father literally sent him to hell and Jace is ready to kill him. So the fact that Clary, his sister, still believes in him is huge for him. Which is why I fear that he’ll go to crazy lengths to keep her close. 
Moment I’ve been dreading: One of the hardest things in these reviews is talking about something without using my knowledge of the books. I try to keep things as spoiler free as I can, but it’s getting really hard here. So you should probably look away now. Spoilers in 3…2…1… This is the moment I’ve been dreading all season. I knew we were going to have at least one more big death but at some point, I thought that maybe the writers were going to change who that death was. But after that cliffhanger with Max, it doesn’t look very likely. It still felt weird to me that they just left it there, so perhaps I could still be wrong. If they do go through with it, which is likely because Sebastian won’t want his cover blown before he gets to the Mortal Mirror, this will wreck everyone. And the synopsis for next week’s episode did mention a brutal attack on the Institute so we better get some tissues ready. 

Best quotes: Alec: “All the legends are true.” 
Simon: “Let’s get back to work, young Padawan. … What? Don’t tell me you don’t know what a Jedi is?” Max: “Euhm?” Simon: “Izzy, what type of trainer are you? This is important stuff, man.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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