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Scene Of The Week - July 30, 2017 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

DOUBT, "To See, to Tell", July 29, 2017, Actors: Katherine Heigl, Dulé Hill
The Scene: Albert confronts Sadie about her sleeping with the client
The chemistry between Dulé and Katherine was on point since Doubt premiered and each of their scenes carries so much emotional weight. Albert really lost all filters and went for the carotides leaving Sadie broken.

GAME OF THRONES, "Stormborn", July 23, 2017, Actors: Emilia Clarke, Conleth Hill, Maisie Williams, Pilou Asbæk and more, The Scenes: Daenerys and Varys' exchange & Arya and Nymeria meet again & Arya meets Hot Pie & Euron's surprise attack
Justyna K:
As much as I loved Arya's scenes in the episode, her discovery of the new Lord of Winterfell, changing her mind and heading home, and then reuniting with Nymeria for a moment, the part that made the biggest impression on me during the hour was the very beginning when Dany and Varys finally get a chance to talk. Varys has been an important character in the story right from season one, yet it was always hard to read and understand where his true loyalties lie. Though he was trying to help some people, he never risked his life or took a lot of chances, he followed orders and worked in the dark. In the last couple of seasons we got a closer glimpse at who his character really is and where he stands but nothing quite like in this scene alone. This time Varys doesn't hold back and tells Dany exactly what he thinks, he refuses to offer blind loyalty as he presents himself as man of the people whose true purpose has always been the good of the realm. "As long as I have my eyes I shall use them." After six seasons it finally seems like we can understand the reason behind every action Varys has taken over the years and though it could obviously be a clever lie there's something about his speech and the way it works with his entire storyline that leads me to believe him. And it made the character actually grow in my eyes. Knowing that he doesn't care about the throne, is not loyal to any family, just does his best to fight for the ordinary people in the streets... Dany, on the other hand, while understandably distrustful towards the man who used to send assassins after her, also shows a different side of herself. And unlike Varys she didn't quite make a great impression on me. There have been many high and low points in her story on the show but seeing who she's become sometimes makes me truly wonder whether she should find her way to the throne in the end. Regardless, it was a powerful scene with incredibly meaningful dialogue and great performances by Conleth Hill and Emilia Clarke. Kudos to the cast & crew for yet another brilliant episode.
Luana: Danny and Varys have a frank exchange. I loved this first scene and even though it was just dialogue I could't take my eyes off the screen. Their conversation was even a bit dangerous since it could've gone wrong in many ways, but it went exactly right, and showed perfectly who Danny is and a new side to Varys, a very interesting side, he was always funny and smart, but he might just become one of my favorite characters now. They turned a tense scene into a thrilling show, and her burn to him when Melisandre showed up was hilarious.
Saloni: Arya meets Hot Pie (she's having all the reunions), and has such a straight, cold face when she tells him she's going South but as soon as he tells her Jon is now King in the North and the Boltons are dead, you can see her melt and it's amazing because she's been on the run/away/training for so long, just assuming all her family is dead and she has to be the one to seek revenge. Now is her chance to finally reunite with her brother (and Sansa). I was so happy she took the decision to go North. It remains to be seen after her other reunion with Nymeria if she actually continues.
Kollin: Varys pleads his case. The wise Varys always knows what to say to get himself out of a sticky situation, and this scene is no exception. After Daenerys corners him and questions his allegiance having switched sides so many times, Varys delivers an absolutely brilliant defence telling her straight up that his allegiance is not with any queen or king, but the people. He will always represent those who are like him when he was younger, the common folk who grew up in the gutters and slums - he does not blindly follow. Daenerys' response, telling him to confront her if ever she leads astray was both ominous (will she become a ruthless, conquering villian as has been teased and theorized) and very affecting - there is a growing bond between the Mother of Dragons and The Spider that was felt here.
Marine: Arya and Nymeria meet again. A very touching moment when both of them realize how much they've changed.
Darth Locke: There were lots of really great scenes this week and some interesting themes about gender identity fueling into the possible end of the series, but I chose this scene, because it came on so sudden--and even though it was only a seven minute battle, it did not lack in quality compared to other Game of Thrones bigger battles and was enjoyable having a little bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean element to it. I loved how one could feel the weight of uncertainty and all out menacing insanity that is Euron Greyjoy contrasted by Yara acting a bit like the former Theon being caught off guard from messing around below decks, and with Theon still realistically struggling with PTSD, which may have saved not only his, but his sister's life. In addition it was a perfect way to full circle the episode, which started with a storm on the shores of Dragonstone! Beautiful execution all around--let alone maybe some foreshadowing!

KILLJOYS, "Attack the Rack", July 28, 2017, Actors: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane and more, The Scenes: D'Avin uses his power to save Johnny & Dutch's speech to the Killjoys
Justyna K:
One of the best episodes of the season for sure. It was an intense and powerful hour with many memorable scenes and the game-changing ending. I couldn't quite decide which moment I'd like to highlight the most but in the end I wanted to give a shout-out to the interactions between Jaqobis brothers. As much as I love the bond between Dutch and Johnny, I've been really enjoying all the scenes we're getting lately with the focus on these two brothers. Watching Johnny in pain wasn't an easy thing and D'Avin's reactions made it all that much harder. They're not people who break easily but after all the suffering the Hullen caused, D'Avin couldn't just stand back and do nothing. His power is still a mystery to both characters and the viewers but the strange connection it creates between D'Avin and Aneela makes it quite fascinating to watch. The discovery of the betrayal of one of their own only added to the strength that Johnny and D'Avin share and seeing them fight for each other was one of the best parts of the episode for me. Great performances by the entire cast and kudos to the crew for such a memorable hour!
Milo: Dutch's speech to the Killjoys. Great way to start a really fun episode which boasted a memorable ending, and served as another reminder as to how awesome Dutch is, and how she's probably one of the best female characters in a sci-fi show at the moment.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS, "Pilot", July 24, 2017, Actors: Parisa Fitz-Henley, Dylan Bruce and more, The Scene: Fiji attempts to stop the cops
Darth Locke:
Being a fan of the book trilogy and seriously missing some of the better parts of True Blood, it's nice to finally see this show air! Although it's true that the TV series has re-imaged some of the characters, some more drastically than others, they absolutely have the personality types right. The actress that plays Fiji already conveys a kind southern hospitality with an almost naive charm, but ironically with a fierce loyalty to protect those she cares about, especially Bobo, and it was amazing to be able to feel that immediately.

ORPHAN BLACK, "Guillotines Decide", July 29, 2017, Actors: Maria Doyle Kennedy, James Frain, The Scene: Mrs S and Ferdinand meet their end
Mrs. S dies saving her “chickens”. Where do I begin? From the moment Mrs. S was introduced, I’ve loved her. She had an abundance of love for her children that was equally matched by her wit, her determination, and strength. Maria Doyle Kennedy brought such depth to Siobhan, she was never just a fierce mother but a warrior. Clone Club has faced a truly devastating loss, she was the heart that held so many characters together, who not only was a mother to Sarah and Felix but a protector for our other seestras, whether they wanted it or not, she was always there, helping, even from the shadows. Felix’s speech about the galaxy of women around him was beautiful beyond words. It’s the poignant mix of artistry and science, a theme the show has showcased from the beginning, I loved how it harkened to our seetras but also Mrs. S, she’s a figure many of us would want in our lives. It’s so rare to see older women in TV been giving such dynamic roles. Siobhan was one of those. I will always be eternally grateful to this show for always being a beacon to destroying norms. I know she’s just a fictional character but she was one of the bravest and most courageous women I’ve ever seen. She loved her “chickens” deeply and fought for them with all her might. Even in those last moments, her willpower was limitless, amidst being shot, at the brink of death, she always had a plan, one to save those she loved. I think that selfless act is immeasurable, she knew Ferdinand was going to retaliate and she went to stop it, even if it meant she wouldn’t return. In my heart, I sort of felt she knew it was a possibility, I mean, she always prepares for everything but the way she was acting, besides that secret deal Delphine and her made with Rachel & Ferdinand, leaving her children with lovely memories of her just makes my heart cry even more. Thank you, Maria Doyle Kennedy, for everything in these past 5 seasons. Rot in the pits of hell Ferdinand.
Jimmy: I thought early on in the season that neither character would make it to the season finale but I didn't expect to be proven right in such spectacular fashion.

OZARK, "Sugarwood", July 21, 2017, Actors: Jason Bateman and more, The Scene: Closing Scene
Right off the bat of the premiere Ozark has proven itself to be must-watch television. There were many scenes to choose from in the first half, but the closing moments of the first episode is what hit the hardest emotionally. In this scene we see Bateman's Marty Byrd leave his family to head into the woods to have a moment alone. It is here we see him at his most vulnerable, feeling helplessly sorry for what he got his family into with his crimes. The emotion he expresses in this scene just felt so raw and it was truly heartbreaking. Bateman really showed another side of him as an actor. And then he gets up on his feet and looks ahead, and we follow his gaze to the shoreline. The scene ends with him looking out at the breathtaking scene, his family soon joining him and there is hope - perfectly setting up the episodes to come.

SNOWFALL, "Trauma", July 26, 2017, Actors: Damson Idris, Isaiah John, Sheaun McKinney, The Scene: Leon shoots Karvell
This was a powerful moment filled with tension, made all the more impactful by the fact that Franklin couldn't pull the trigger himself. The fact that they Karvell almost escaped added extra momentum to the episode, and I was wondering if he would survive somehow. But when the moment came, it was with added weight that the show needed in its strongest episode so far.

STILL STAR-CROSSED, "Something Wicked This Way Comes", July 29, 2017, Actors: Wade Briggs, Lashana Lynch, The Scene: Benvolio and Rosaline kiss
We all knew it was coming but it was so much better than I thought it would be. The chemistry between the characters finally exploded as desperation met affection and culminated in passionate and honest kiss that revealed emotions neither of them realized they've had.

STITCHERS, "Just the Two of Us", July 24, 2017, Actors: Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, The Scene: Kirsten solves the mystery of the victim's death
Justyna K:
There's a quote from the show "Castle" that beautifully describes the true meaning of work done by the Stitchers team. "We speak for the dead. That's the job. We are all they've got once the wicked rob them of their voices. We owe them that. But we don't owe them our lives." In this wonderfully done episode we follow the two main characters completely on their own until we learn that the days they spent together are nothing more than a vision, a part of the stitch that Kirsten is currently in. Once she realizes how truly alone and scared she is, she's trying to leave and admits she can't speak for the latest victim the way she did for the others. That's when the images of all their previous cases and people the team helped return to her and she decides to stay and solve the mystery on her own. The truth turns out to be a much sadder story than I expected and when she explains to the team what happened to Tom her voice even breaks for a moment. Though the stitch only took 3 seconds for the others it changed a lot for Kirsten and the part when she understands what matters to her the most was very well done and acted. It was certainly an hour and a case to remember and kudos to cast & crew for their work on the episode.

SUITS, "Mudmare", July 26, 2017, Actors: Patrick J. Adams, Dulé Hill, The Scene: Mike meets Alex
It was so great to see more of Alex this week; I just love what Dulé is doing with his character. And while the show is still struggling with many of its other plots, everything with these two characters is working. Harvey being caught in the middle between these two men was a thrill to see, and when Mike finally faced the man who was opposing him it was great. I have to believe that Alex is actually a good man, and Mike will keep his word, but who knows with this show anymore. I just can’t wait for more interactions between these two characters.

THE BOLD TYPE, "If You Can't Do It With Feeling", July 25, 2017, Actors: Aisha Dee, Nikohl Boosheri
The Scene: Kat and Adena kiss
This kiss accompanied by Alessia Cara's "Scars to Your Beautiful" was just perfect, and it felt like we'd been waiting for it for a while, which is crazy since we're only four episodes in.

THE NIGHT SHIFT, "Family Matters", July 27, 2017, Actors: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint
The Scene: Jordan and TC reunite
Jordan and TC reunite at the airport and look for Topher's car in the parking lot, where he left it before he died. This was a really simple and heartwarming scene, and it was the first time the characters had been together all season.

TWIN PEAKS, "Part 11", July 23, 2017, Actors: Dana Ashbrook, Mädchen Amick, Amanda Seyfried
The Scene: Bobby, Shelly and Becky at the RR Diner
I loved this scene mainly because we found out that Bobby and Shelley have a daughter!! They were married at some point. Bobby still loves Shelly because his face just fell when she met up with her boyfriend later. All the acting was on point, too.

YOUNGER, "The Gift of Maggie", July 26, 2017, Actors: Debi Mazar and more
The Scene: Maggie leaves her mark on the painting
Maggie is the perfect supporting character, she is funny, she is strong, she believes in herself and she ain't taking any bs. So I was rooting so hard when she attended the showing of the redone paintings and destroyed the one she gifted to the wannabe artist.

WYNONNA EARP, "No Future in the Past", July 28, 2017, Actors: Melanie Scrofano, Michael Eklund, The Scene: Robert and Wynonna have a conversation in the past
This brought about Bobo's character in the present in an entirely new light and really added depth to him and how it was portrayed. The scene where Wynonna told Bobo that her name was Waverly was an added touch too, as it really left a strong impression, adding depth to what could have been a simple time-travel gimmick episode.

ZOO, "Drop It Like It's Hot", July 27, 2017, Actors: Billy Burke, Jason Cermak and more, The Scenes: Mitch finds out that Clementine's been kidnapped & Mansdale hides in Jamie’s Mustang
After being held captive and tortured by Jamie, Mansdale finally escapes his cage. The rest of the team is unaware of this. They’re more concerned with the flying hybrids bashing the plane. Mansdale climbs into the car to hide from them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize they’re about to push the car into a volcano with the hybrids following it to their deaths. Worst hiding place ever!
Klutzy girl: Mitch finds out that Clementine's been kidnapped - and is pregnant - then bolts out of the police station to find out. His fear for her in that instant is very palpable, and it was such great acting on Billy Burke's part.

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