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Once Upon a Time - Season 7 - The New Curse Explained

To understand the new curse, you must first understand the new main villain at the center of the story: Cinderella’s (Dania Ramirez) wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar). “As often is the case on Once Upon a Time, there’s more than meets the eye to what we know about the character,” EP Adam Horowitz tells EW. “Lady Tremaine doesn’t like Cinderella very much and she’s got an agenda. But there is something boiling beneath that’s personal and painful that is driving all of this.”

Yes, this does mean non-fairy tale folk also dwell in Hyperion Heights. “We’re in a city now,” Horowitz says. “Hyperion Heights is part of Seattle the way Brooklyn is part of New York. It’s more densely populated and it’s filled with fairy tale characters and non-fairy tale characters and that’s another interaction and vibe that we didn’t really have in Storybrooke, where it was all the cursed people.”

Another facet of this curse is new alter egos for our favorite characters. As spied in the season 7 trailer, Hook appears to be a cop, while Regina may be a bartender. “They’re different from the cursed personas we’ve seen before,” Horowitz explains. “While it’s Regina you’ve been with for six seasons, what she is now in Seattle is something different. What it’s allowing us to do is seeing these same characters in a new way. Also, Hook never had a cursed persona, so this allows us to do something we haven’t done before with Hook.”