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Midnight, Texas - Pilot - Advanced Preview: Enter the Madhouse

Enter Midnight,Texas! Welcome everyone to a very very intriguing guilty summer pleasure. The show is based on the book series by Charlaine Harris, who also wrote the Southern Vampire Mysteries, the book series on which True Blood was based on. The pilot was directed by Niels Arden Oplev and written by Monica Owosu-Breen.

The main character is Manfred Bernardo a psychic who is on a run and the run brought him to a lovely place town called Midnight! Fran├žois Arnaud is very solid in the role of Manfred and very convicing while communicating with some members of the spirit or while the CGI team played around with the effects a bit. Manfred always felt like the outsider in the real world but Midnight is the place where he was the normal one surrounded by weirdos.

The show doesn't spare too much time and introduces a murder mystery that involves most of the Midnight inhabitants and finds our boy Manfred right in the middle of it. But even with so much murder drama going around Manfred finds time to get involved with someone and their chemistry is quite captivating but surprisingly the lady isn't the one to strip Manfred down.

My favorite character introduced in the pilot is Olivia for sure. The character played by Arielle Kebler is so bada*s, empowered and beautiful. Her no BS lines combined with a weil of mystery and Arielle's on point acting really created a powerful character who I can't wait to get to know. Olivia's relationship with local Vampire Lemuel Bridger just creates a lot of sexual tension which does get released but not in True Blood way of fashion.

Besides Olivia and Lemuel we also meet Fiji Cavanaugh a really special girl with a kind heart but with some mighty power hidden within. Paris Fitz-Henley's Fiji is a really funny combination of quirky, socially awkward and a little bit of crazy. Also inhabiting Midnight, Joe Strong, played by Sex and the City alum Jason Lewis, who is having an animal side to his character and isn't shy about showing it off. Yul Vasquez is playing a reverent this time around and he is certainly one of the scariest revs you've met (except if you watch Telenovelas, they have the scariest priests ever).

The episode ends with an arrest made in the murder case and the Midnighters rebelling against it. Bottom line Midnight, Texas is worth checking out, especially if you are a True Blood fan or a fan of supernatural shows in general. A solid build up mystery with strong/intriguing characters with decent actors and some funny moments create the perfect summer show.