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Midnight, Texas - Bad Moon Rising - Advanced Preview: United we stand

I hope you've enjoyed the season premiere Midnighters cause Bad Moon Raising is a good step up from the very introductive first episode. The episode directed by David Solomon was written by Monica Breen, who has a rich biography writing episodes for Charmed, AOS, Lost, Alias and other fan favorites.

The episode starts with a very intriguing flashforward after which we travel 24 hours back in time. We witness our core Midnighters talk about Bobo and how they could help him. Of course all the heavy lifting falls down onto Manfred's back. Another very well executed performance by Francois Around. I always had a special admiration for actors in supernatural shows as they had to act out some very weird moments, like getting possessed by a ghost and getting visions at the same time.

And while team M is working on the outside, Bobo works very hard to survive in prison as well. It was a really great impressive scene and Dylan Bruce was really bada*s in it. Female and Male members of the STV Community will be quite happy with it, I'm sure.

Also happening in episode 2 another murder and the chase for the murder is a good one. Team Midnight is very well coordinated and you could feel quite of bit of tension. And with this being just the second episode you could feel the stakes being quite high. Cause you don't know how cuttroath the executives are. But I certainly loved seeing Olivia suit up for the hunt, nice work girl.

Major kuods to the CGI team, once again as the stuff they did with Fiji was quite impressive and so entertaining. Fiji is an adorable character and besides being the sweetest thing on TV this summer, her wickedly weird character carries a lot of substance and she seems to convert into my favorite character looking further down the road.

My favorite part of the episode surprisingly involved Jason Lewis' character. Joe was playing it quite low key but he came and stole the show in the final moments of the episode. First of I have to say it feels so sweet to see him play a gay character after all his alpha straight hunk roles but secondly he drops a major piece of mythology that changes the whole world of Midnight, Texas.

Hope I teased you enough so you would check out this all new episode of Midnight, Texas on Monday the 31st July on NBC.