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Dark Matter - Isn't That A Paradox - Advance Preview: “Back To The Past”

This episode sees the crew of the Raza find themselves transported back to 2017 after a weird interaction with the Blink Drive. It is one super cool episode that is very smartly written and really funny. It’s the kind of episode that just about anyone can enjoy. Do you have friends that like Stranger Things? Back To The Future? Then tell them they should watch this episode. It’s not quite a standalone, but not as heavily engrained in mythology as some episodes. This hour really focuses on the crew and their relationships and is the perfect episode in order to try and get your friends and family to sample the show. The season is at the precipice where every viewer will help with the future of the series.

There are a ton of amazing moments between the characters. They all get moments to shine as they get into one awkward situation after another. This is the show’s first go at time travel and they pulled it off brilliantly. It’s a very relatable episode since it takes place in our time, but be warned that it might make some viewers feel super old when they realize that one day our present day will be the distant past. On that note, also look for the show to finally date itself. During the first act, it is revealed just how far back they’ve gone in time. From there a bit of simple math tells viewers exactly when present day is for the series. Here’s a hint, it’s not nearly as far in the future as some may think.

This episode marks the first of the last handful of episodes that will conclude this season. There are huge surprises in store and major revelations coming in this final push of the season. It all begins with this episode as the ending leads directly into the next one which will drop the first of many massive reveals. Don’t be caught off guard though, because this episode also has some pretty major reveals in and of itself. But, perhaps most importantly, it’s a fun episode. It’s a nice breather for the crew and fans alike. The characters get some nice moments to relax for the first time all season. One of them is even revealed as a big softy for dogs. They get some much needed time to process what all has been going on and they certainly need that. Tell your friends to check out this episode and sit back and watch as they get hooked. It’s got all the elements that highlight why Dark Matter is such a special show. This is a really fun must-watch episode.

Don’t miss this episode when it airs this Friday, July 28th at 9/8c on SyFy in the US and Space in Canada.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“My feelings for you are real.”
“If it’s that easy to steal I might start to like it here.”
“I got double reward points.”
“It’s like moving into a museum.”
“No! We are not getting a dog!”
“It’s the happiest I’ve seen you in a long time.”
“But I think I love you!”

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. What do you hope will happen? Is there something you want to see the crew do in 2017?