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Third Annual Summer "Pitch Your Show" Nominations

Summer's here and as every TV fan knows, it's time to start that time honored tradition of binging all the shows you didn't get around to in the regular season. But how are TV addicts even to know all the great shows they've missed under the sheer glut of shows that have aired? Enter Pitch Your Show - Summer Version. It's your time to shine the spotlight on your favorite shows and encourage others to try them. The midseason version focuses specifically on low-rated shows that are currently airing, but there are no such stipulations in the summer post. So brush off the cobwebs of your favorite TV series and help a fan out. Do you know a show that's perfect for marathoning? Have you come across one that needs a cult following? How about a recurring show that will be airing in fall that people should get caught up on now so they can join the current season?

The whole idea behind Pitch Your Show is for people to find new shows to check out while waiting for the fall season to start. All you have to do is nominate your show in the form below and tell us why we should be watching it. Feel free to nominate as many different shows as you'd like. The most persuasive pitches will go into the article that will be posted in a couple of weeks. (I make sure that all nominated shows are represented but if a show gets too many responses, then I put the best arguments for why to watch it in the actual article.) A link will be provided in the article so all nominations and comments can be read, not just the posted ones.


1. You must put your name, the show, and why people should watch the show. You do NOT have to know where it is airing but more people will watch it if they know where to look. (Hint - sometimes it is easier to type your reason in a word processing program and then cut and paste it into the form, especially if it is a long response.)

2. Only scripted shows (network, cable, or streaming / still airing or ended). No reality TV.

3. You can submit as many shows as you wish but this is not a popularity contest so there's no need to nominate a show multiple times with the same comment. I will take the most thoughtful comments for each show nominated and there are no bonus points for a show having the most nominations.

4. The purpose is to persuade others to watch your show. Merely saying "IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!" won't help. In fact, triple exclamations and having all letters capitalized will probably work against you. Instead focus on why someone who doesn't watch the show should take their precious time to try it. Enthusiasm is only good when backed by details and thoughtful discourse. If you can provide multiple reasons to watch, like good characters and great action, that is even better.

5. Nominations will remain open until June 7.

Any questions? Please leave them in the comments section below and don't forget to tell us what shows you nominated! Not sure how to write your pitch? Check out last year's pitches in the links below.

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