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Shadowhunters - Mea Maxima Culpa - Review + POLL

This week on Shadowhunters, everyone is still dealing with what happened in the Institute. Valentine is a prisoner but Jace and Clary break him out to lure Azazel, a greater demon, which backfires. Izzy is going through withdrawals and goes to Raphael for blood. He turns her down, which leads her to seek out a vampire den. She almost gets herself killed but is saved by a mysterious stranger named Sebastian who also just happens to have a miracle drug that will help her beat Yin Fen. Jace reveals to Clary that they’re not related and he later showcases some interesting abilities. Luke’s pack walks out on him, with the exception of Maia. Simon is cornered by Raphael who wants to know how he can walk in the sun. The episode ends with Magnus who seems to be possessed by Azazel. 

Don’t even go there: I’m not entirely sure where the writers were headed with those scenes between Izzy and Sebastian, but it better not be in the romantic direction. I don’t care how much changes the show has made from the books, that will never be an okay pairing. I wasn’t thrilled with the scenes we got from Izzy this week. I know Yin Fen is not an easy substance to kick (actually, it’s supposed to be unbeatable) but I didn’t expect her to actually beg Raphael for blood. She’s been a Shadowhunter for long enough, she should know better by now. I hope she beats the addiction soon (even if it is with Sebastian’s shady miracle drug) and we get to see the Izzy we know and love again. 

Time to step up: I know Alec loves his sister and wants to respect her wishes, but in this case, he should’ve put his foot down. He should have told his superiors about her addiction to Yin Fen, they could’ve helped her and made sure she didn’t go wandering off into a vampire den. 

I smell trouble: Simon’s new ability to walk in the sun is sure to put a target on his back. People are already asking him how he gained this ability, it’s only a matter of time before they stop asking nicely. Raphael was right, he has what every vampire wants. Simon may have promised Jace he wouldn’t tell anyone, but we all know lying isn’t one of his strengths. 

Master plan: So we finally heard another mention of Valentine’s plan. Recently the main focus was on him using the sword to kill Downworlders. But this week there was a mention of his wish to collect all three Mortal Instruments. He already has the cup stashed away somewhere, the sword was taken by a stranger (who I believe was Sebastian) so all he needs now is the mirror, which is said to have never been seen. But we all know Valentine has a habit of knowing more about this stuff than the Clave. 

Most underrated relationship: I feel like we don’t see enough of the relationship between Luke and Maia. Now that almost their entire pack is gone, they’re really going to have to lean on one another. So I definitely hope we get more of their father-daughter bond. The same goes for his relationship with Clary. He practically helped raise her, it’s weird that they’ve barely interacted lately. Luke mentioned that he’s been in contact with other wolves so that should mean we’ll get to see Jordan soon. 
Predictions: Since we’re now well into the book 3 storylines (with just a few loose ends from book 2), I’d like to make few predictions. Now I’m basing most of this off the titles of the remaining episodes, but I think we’ll either get really close to the final events of book 3 and get a cliffhanger ending or they’ll somehow wrap everything up quickly. I do expect next season to have even more changes from the books. I remember that the reception of books 4 and 5 weren’t great (I agree with that). And it would make sense to change things if they want the show to last beyond a fourth season. 

Best quotes: Jace: “I think you should worry a little less about my love life and a little more about your fighting skills.” 
Simon: “Get in here.” Jace: “Stop it.” Simon: “I just…” Jace: “No, never.” 
Maia: “Don’t you realize? You have what every Downworlder wants.” Simon: “A winning personality, you noticed.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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