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Quote of the Week - Week of June 11th, 2017

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

American Gods - 
1. Mr. Wednesday: “People create gods when they wonder why things happen. Do you know why things happen? Because gods make them happen. You wanna know how to make good things happen? Be good to your god. You give a little. You get a little. The simplicity of that bargain has always been appealing. That’s why we’re here, and that’s precisely why I matter.”
2. Laura Moon: “I was killed by a god. Which fucking god?”
3. Ostara: “Well, I deal in sugar, sugar. And you’re the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”
4. Mr. Nancy: “There’s no end to the cruelty of men threatened by strong women.” (Nirat Anop)

Fargo - 
1. Gloria: "I got this theory, in private, that I don't actually exist."
2. Ruby: "When it rains, it pours." Gloria: "Sometimes it drizzles."
3. Emmit: "A lie's not a lie if you believe it's true." (DarkUFO)
4. Varga: "The problem is not that there is evil in the world. The problem is that there is good. Because otherwise, who would care?" (DarkUFO and DarthLocke)
5. Emmit: "You think there's a special level of hell for people that killed their loved ones on Christmas Eve?"
6. Varga: "I work for a company called Narwal." Nikki: "No, you don't. You tell people you work for a company called Narwal 'cause people look past middle management. But I know a boss when I see one." Varga: "Very good. You just added a zero to your salary." Nikki: "That's okay. I already got a job. Blackmailing you."
7. Olivia: "Reinforcements have arrived." Gloria: "Whiskey or beer?" Olivia: "Well, you're not supposed to drink during ovulation, but at the same time, if I have to look that thing in the eye sober one more time, I may jump out a window, so Moscow Mule and make it ornery." (DarthLocke)

The Handmaid's Tale - 

1. June: "They should never have given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army." (Marko Pekic)

iZombie - 
1. Ravi: "What if I told you that, yes, zombies are real, and yes, they eat brains, but they're not monsters...most of them, anyway. They're just like you and me." (Milo-MJ)

 The Originals - 
1. Rebekah: “My brother is back, much to the joy of custom suit tailors everywhere not to mention me.” (Milo-MJ)

Orphan Black - 
1. Sarah: “Shove it up your bleached ass.”
2. Kira: “I want to know why I’m like this, and I don’t want to go with you! I’m going with Rachel!” (Nirat Anop)

Silicon Valley - 
1. Gilfoyle: "Hey, have you seen Keenan's demo? Reddit is shitting itself over it." Erlich: "Of course I've seen it. I'm his keyman. He gave me one of the first opportunities to shit myself over it." (Milo-MJ)

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