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Quote of the Week - June 4th, 2017

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

American Gods - 
1. Mr. Wednesday: "What's a god? Can we even know they exist? People believe things, which means they're real. That means we know they exist. So what came first? Gods or the people who believed in them?" (Milo M-J)

 Fargo - 
1. Nikki: "Mister, it has been a long day." Paul: "They're all long. That's the nature of existence. Life is suffering. I think you're beginning to understand that." Nikki: "Amen."
2. Paul: "Have you been to this place before?" Nikki: "A bowling alley?" Paul: "Is that what you see?"
3. Paul: "We all end up here eventually. To be weighed and judged. As it is now, for you and your friend. You know, some thought that he should stay behind, but I convinced them that he was on a better path now." (DarkUFO)

Gotham - 
1. Butch: "You wanna know why you're always taking shots at me?" Barbara: "The giant size of the target?" (Jaz Schoone)

iZombie - 
1. Mr. Boss: "I shot you. I slit your throat, we buried you." Blaine: "Mmhmm, and yet here I am." Mr. Boss: "How the hell are you still alive?" Blaine: "Well, I'm eating a human brain, so that makes me a..." Mr. Boss: "Cannibal?" Blaine: "Technically, I suppose, but that's not the answer I'm looking for.I'm eating a human brain. I'm indestructible, therefore I am a..." Mr. Boss: "Serial killer?" Blaine: "Again. Technically. I'm here. I'm a zombie. Get used to it." (Milo M-J)
2. Liv: "I don't want you to be offended. And don't think I haven't considered it. But I'm sticking to men." (Jaz Schoone)
3.  Ghost Drake (in reference to the movie Ghost): "Anyone got a pottery wheel?"
4.  Blaine: "You know, I'm really tired of getting shot."
5.  Liv: "Fort Lust is a place that he used to take me. It's a euphemism." Clive: "God, I hope so." (Dahne)

The Leftovers - 
1. Kevin: "That's how I found you, Nora. I refused to believe you were gone." Nora: "You want some tea?" Kevin: "What?" Nora: "I was gonna make some tea. You want some?"
2. Nora: "How are Jill and Tom?" Kevin: "You remember my kids' names?" Nora: "Yeah, I remember." Kevin: "That's a little creepy, but I am impressed."
3. Nora: "And I understood that here, in this place, they were the lucky ones. In a world full of orphans, they still had each other. And I was a ghost. I was a ghost who had no place there. And that, Kevin, is when I changed my mind." (DarkUFO)
4. Nora: "And I knew that if I told you what happened that you would never believe me." Kevin: "I believe you." Nora: "You do?" Kevin: "Why wouldn't I believe you? You're here." Nora: "I'm here." (Milo M-J)

Orphan Black - 
1. Felix: "I almost hit you with a pan!" Art: "I almost shot you, so now we're even." (Donna Cromeans)
2. Cosima: "Do you know what a myth is? It's an old, old story. And some of it's true, and some of it is not. But it's told to us to teach us something."
3. Mud: "Tweedle Small and Tweedle Tall!" Cosima [to Charlotte]: "Ignore her."
4. Delphine: "I mean, think about it. If you want to genetically improve the human race, life extension is the first principle. This place... This is the heart of Neolution."
5. Rachel: "Like you, I was selected. I know now his hand guided my entire life. I know Susan Duncan, my mother, once stood here, as I am, appointed to move the future forward. And she did. She created me. It is time to be brave. To sacrifice. The fruits of nearly 200 years of Neolution science are now within our grasp. And we, here, shall drink from the fountain first."
6. Donnie: "Is that the emergency Loon call?" (Darth Locke)

Wynonna Earp - 
1. Jeremy: "The firewall is less likely to show up to play than Kanye... he's an American rapper." Waverly: "I'm British, not elderly." (Samantha Benjamin)