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Nashville - 'Til I Can Make It on My Own - Review: "Here We Go Again" + POLL

So welcome Nashies, new and old, to my first ever review. I’m excited to be here and let’s dive in with the review of ‘Til I Can Make It on My Own. If you’ve read my previews, then you have some insight into my feelings about this episode, but now I can finally share why certain things made me want to throw a remote at my computer screen. Starting with Juliette, why do you do this to us? So after Juliette’s new album does poorly she decides she wants to do her first performance since the infamous plane crash alone. The one problem, Hallie and the choir are supposed to sing with her. So, Juliette being Juliette decides to lie to Hallie, saying the label wants her to perform alone since they spent so much time and money on it. I actually have no idea how Highway 65 feels about her less than stellar album, but I’m guessing Zach doesn’t like it (more on him later). So why does Juliette not want the choir to perform with her: well she’s being having anxiety about failing and no longer being relevant. She goes to a doctor at the start of the episode, and he says it could be due to past trauma. Juliette is afraid she’s longer relevant and since her fans hated the album, they must no longer love her anymore. So while I hate that Juliette lied to the choir, I get it. We have all felt insecure at some point in our lives. As someone who has a panic disorder, I understand exactly what performing on that stage is like for her. I can’t sing for the life of me, but I have been in situations that are extremely stressful. We’re all afraid of rejection and dealing with it the best we can.

Unfortunately for Juliette, her plan blows up in her face. Emily accidently lets it slip and Hallie, not being an idiot, puts 2 and 2 together. Hallie and the choir have every right to be mad at Juliette. She lied to them in the first place. If Juliette had initially been honest, they would still be mad, but probably not as much. Thankfully, Juliette has Avery to lean on, and he eventually gets her to do the right thing. She comes clean to the choir in a heartfelt monologue. The monologue combined with her flashbacks gives us a greater insight into Juliette’s psyche. She pleads with the choir to perform with her and in the end, they do. What finally makes a difference to them: honesty. Juliette lets herself be vulnerable with them and they respond to it. So I’m not sure where the gospel storyline goes from here. It somewhat seems like it was wrapped up in this episode, but one of the season previews show Juliette getting jealous about Hallie potentially getting cozy with Avery. So maybe Hallie stays, but the rest of the choir fades into the background. What are your thoughts?

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t touch upon the heartbreaking flashbacks. We are introduced to Juliette’s father for the first time. We know very little about him other than he died when she was little and served in the military. Her father seems like the one bright spot in her childhood. Juliette’s mother reappears and she’s more of a hot mess than I remembered. More concerned with drugs than Juliette, her mother is a piece of work. Juliette’s father is so sweet though. The house where they live isn’t the Taj Mahal, but he gets yellow paint for them to paint the house. He may not be rich, but he clearly loves Juliette. That’s why it makes it all the more heartbreaking when we see how Juliette reacts when she learns her father has “died.” If he had been a deadbeat bad, then we wouldn’t care, but he was the one person who loved Juliette unconditionally. Speaking of his “death,” the last flashback really confused me. Did her father fake his death to get out of a bad situation, and Juliette just repressed the memory because it was too painful or is he really dead, and she was just imagining a conversation between them? I rewatched the scene and could not figure it out for the life of me. If you have any ideas or just think I’ve watched too many TV shows where the dead parents aren’t really dead then please tell. It’s driving me crazy.

So now I’m going to discuss the whole mess of the forced love triangle between Scarlett, Gunnar, and Damien. Damien just so happens to be in town, and Scarlett goes to meet him for dinner. She drops the bombshell of her pregnancy and that he’s the father before the appetizers are served. Damien reacts in the way we would expect him to: he’s a complete ass about it. He starts by slut shaming Scarlett by asking if she’s sure it’s his because they used protection. As Scarlett points out, protection is not 100%. Damien then wants to know how Scarlett knows the baby’s his. And to top it all off, he does the manly thing and offers her financial support. There may not be a right way to react when you find out your casual fling is pregnant, but this is definitely the wrong way to handle things. Scarlett shows restraint and doesn’t throw her drink on him, which I totally would have done. Then later, when he stops by, Damien says he wants to do things right. AND THEN HE TELLS SCARLETT HE LOVES HER. Um, excuse me, but you don’t love her; you barely know her. Forget the fact that you have zero chemistry and make no sense as a couple, but just because she’s pregnant does not mean you love her. Scarlett rightfully tells him so, thank god, and Damien says he could. No you can’t. You do not love her; you are just the guy who got her pregnant. Now kindly please go away and pay your child support on time so Scarlett and Gunnar can be perfectly happy raising the baby. I’m aware Damien’s not going anywhere, but him being the father is just another obstacle Scarlett and Gunnar have to overcome before happily ever after. Having a child with someone links them to you. So unless something terrible happens, Scarlett and Damien will forever be connected with Gunnar on the outside looking in.

Now that I’m done ranting, oh wait, I still have to cover Daphne. Daphne goes back to the abandoned building where Liv and some other homeless teens are crashing. Daphne decides to visit Liv and then follow the homeless teens to an undisclosed location. You do not know them; you barely know Liv. Deacon and Maddie think you’re with a different friend. If you were to get murdered, no one would know what happened to you. So there’s no killing, just a little trespassing and theft. Those crimes won’t get you killed unless you’re stealing from thieves who are big and scary and decide to chase you. Liv ends up getting hurt escaping from the goons, and Daphne wants Liv to go to a doctor. However, one of the homeless teens points out that hospitals are out. Daphne, not everyone lives in “musical mcmansions.” Some people live in the real world, and the real world can be harsh and cruel and unfair. So then Daphne decides to sneak Liv home. Say it with me Daphne: Liv is not a puppy. So we learn two jobs Daphne should not pursue if music doesn’t work out: doctor and CIA operative. Really, is Deacon so clueless he wouldn’t notice the blood and all the food and think something’s up. Daphne eventually gets Deacon to let Liv stay because Daphne is depressed after her mother’s death and her therapist told Deacon to be supportive. However, the last scene with Liv looking at Daphne’s family and shedding a single tear was sad. I’m assuming we’re going to end up sympathizing with Liv. I’m not denying she’s had it rough. I just wish Daphne picked better friends.

So Avery performs at the music festival and some guy wants Avery to go on tour. Avery hasn’t really done pursued his music seriously since Cadence was born. He had to take care of his daughter when Juliette was a mess and then take care of Juliette after the plane crash. He really deserves something good to happen and it does. However, he decides to turn down this opportunity because Juliette needs him right now. I am not blaming Juliette for this; she had no idea. If she knew, I’m pretty sure she would tell him to go, but Avery’s the kind of guy that will take the hit to take care of other people first. He puts Juliette before him, and that’s commendable and all, but let Avery be happy. Let him pursue his music. He’s given up so much. Just let him be.

Lastly, Bucky’s out of Highway 65. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of him. He sacrificed himself so Deacon wouldn’t have to. It’s a noble gesture, but a corporate war may have actually been fun to watch. I mean if we have to deal with the politics of business, why not enjoy a little back and forth. Zach got what he wanted, but Bucky says this is only the beginning. Rachel Bilson’s Alyssa may be brought in due to the changes at Highway 65. While Bucky may not understand the appeal of a midnight release, he adds value to the company. He was with Rayna forever and is part of the extended family. Also, running a music label is probably different than running a business in Silicon Valley. I have no business experience, but I’m just guessing. If you know anything, let me know in the comments. For the time being, I’m assuming there’s a difference. Zach may understand the numbers and promotion and sales, but Bucky understands how things get done in this town. There are different rules.

And that’s it. My first ever review has come to an end. If you liked what you read, stay tuned because I’m here for the foreseeable future. So chime in with your thoughts. Is Juliette’s dead really alive or am I seeing things? Does Damien bother anyone else as much as me? Will Avery ever get to be the bride? Is this the last we’ve seen of Bucky? Until next week, farewell Nashies.