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iZombie - Twenty Sided, Die - Review: Seems like Progress

Episode 9 of iZombie's third season was a funny outing, with some slight progress and some long overdue closure. Twnety Sided, Die was directed by Jason Bloom and written by Kit Boss.

The case of the week once again wasn't the most intriguing or stunning case but it did bring all the laughs. Liv on Dungeon Master brain certainly brought the laughs but was pushing the boundaries of her out of character behavior to the breaking point. Rose delivered another hilarious performance by playing around with the dice for the whole hour. The actual game of Dungeons and Dragons the team played was probably one of the most hilarious scenes of the show. It is a rarity that we get the main cast together for a scene, especially one this long but it hit all the right notes with me. With Ravi doing an American accent, Peyton not giving an F**, Major wheeling his mighty sword and Clive totally into the game turned the scene into a clear winner with tears flooding my eyes.

But the best thing coming out of case of this week was bringing back Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon). Apparently the Dungeon master had something to do with some russian spies which required the FBI to step in and who is better than Agent Bozzio. My heart broke for my adorable Clive as he poored out his heart on the streets of Seattle. Malcolm Goodwin was so amazing in this scene and I really hoped Bozzio would try to reconnect but sadly not. She entered her Uber seemingly leaving forever.

But as the episode proved, no one is really gone forever in the iZombie-verse. The closing moments revealed the return of Stacey Boss to Seattle. I'm really intrigued to see where the writers intend to go with this return. Feels totally out of place.

Meanwhile, Blaine was still working on his plan to become richer and more powerful. And a step towards that path was improving the blue brain business. He let Don E try a piece and didn't realize that is some highly addictive stuff. Don E took another bite and he completely went off rails. So off rails that he allowed the Zombie-hater group to capture him. Of course, this came back to bite Ravi into his behind. Last week's cliffhanger with Ravi infiltrating the hater group turned into an underwhelming story, at least for now. Ravi threw them off with the story about a vaccine he was trying to make and that solution felt forced and a tidbit too naive. I know they were trying to present the haters as a bit of dumb but everything has its limits. Wonder how they will handle this turn of events.

And this wasn't the only faulty thing that came back to haunt Ravi. Major discovered the hate letters Ravi was hiding from him. After reading a bunch of letters filled with hate Major encountered one filled with compassion. Which lead to a date with the Shawna (Sarah Jurgens), another new path for our boy Major. The lack of direction with his story is truly agonizing I really hope the writers have a long-term plan for his character.

Last but not least Liv, Justin, and Peyton attended a Baracus fundraising event which had a fatal ending to it. Baracus getting shot despite the amount of security he had felt a bit silly but the event was more about Liv meeting Vivian's replacement, Chase Graves (played by Veronica Mars alumni Jason Dohring). The chemistry between them was on point and charging. Can't wait for more of that. Peyton also had something to do this week, as she found out that the alleged Dominatrix killer was impotent since his wife's death and that Baracus was one of her clients.

So much setup, I really do hope it pays off in the remaining 4 episodes of season 3. What are your thoughts on Twenty Sided, Die? Hit the comment section down below and make your case about the episode's quality. And don't miss a new outing of iZombie next Tuesday 9pm on the CW.

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