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iZombie - Season 3 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews *Updated 28th June 2017*

Thomas noted that a reverse crisis will occur, as terminally ill humans seek to get into Seattle. “They want to get in to be turned into the zombies, and there aren’t enough brains to feed them all,” he explains. “Chase Graves will have the responsibility of, ‘Do we let in more humans who want to be turned into zombies who we can’t feed?’”

And while there will still be a murder of the week, how cases get solved will change.

“Things are going to change up at the police station a bit. Like, every detective is going to have a zombie they work with,” Thomas says. “The Seattle police force will only handle cases in which the victim is a human. Fillmore Graves will have their own force that will handle cases where the victim is a zombie. Things within the system will change a bit.”

I loved the introduction of Jason as Chase this season and how he shook things up. Will Jason return next season full-time, and what can you say about how Chase and Fillmore Graves factor into this new world?

Thomas: Jason came in, he was sort of a back-up plan [after Andrea Savage's show got picked up] but he kind of did us a solid there. But yes, you will be seeing him throughout Season 4. But [Chase is] trying to hold things together. Politically, he's got people on his left and people on his right. He's holding things together by a thread. Now, he's certainly taken a pretty militant stance, but he's got a city full of people who aren't pleased with him. He's created 10,000 new zombies who aren't particularly happy that they are zombies now. They're essentially being used as a bargaining chip. He's got a city full of humans who aren't happy that, among other things, the Seahawks have left town and that some people in the U.S. want to nuke Seattle. And so he's under a ton of pressure.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Even though we’ve been building to it all season, I was a bit surprised to see Discovery Day, the day when humans learned zombies are real, come so early in the series. Can you talk about the decision to go there at this juncture?

ROB THOMAS: I really like thinking of each season as an enclosed story, like each one is a book in a series, and I’m so excited about what we can tell in season 4. I’m excited to get to those stories…. I don’t believe there’s any show in which zombies and humans live together in a city, and I think it’s going to be interesting. There’s so many comparisons we’ve been using in the writers’ room. It’s like zombies and humans living together in West Berlin in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Because, in the three months between the end of season 3 and season 4 begins, the U.S. government is going to wall off Seattle so it’s going to have that Berlin feeling. It sort of turns Seattle into this independent quasi-nuclear power: If zombies go flooding out of Seattle, they have the power to end the world, essentially.

Ha! Good. Now, are there going to be any side effects to Ravi making himself a guinea pig for his own zombie virus vaccination?

Yes, there are going to be side effects. You will see those in episode 401. We will not make you wait. You will see them right away.

TVLINE | We’ve seen the challenges and the downfall of zombie/human romance before. Is there more hope for Clive and Dale than there was for Liv and Major?

I can’t promise that the result will be any different. The thing that we wanted to do is not tell the exact same story. I’m not saying that Bozzio and Clive will have a happier ending to their human/zombie relationship than Major and Liv, but I will tell you that it will go a different direction.

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