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iZombie - Conspiracy Weary - Review: A Perfect Setup

Conspiracy Weary was a perfect set up episode preparing us for the inevitable end of season 3. The episode was written by Bob Dearden and directed by Mark Piznarski brought the laugh, story progress, and some solid character development. The really good thing about the episode was that each character had an individual intriguing story and that there wasn't a case of the week. The show is really strong when it succeeds to pull itself from its procedural ties..

So let's start with Peyton. I loved that she finally stepped out of the shadows and shone on her own. The Weckler murder case was really a bliss for the character and her scenes with Weckler's daughter Tatum were solid and she finally got that memory card. I love how they let Peyton be all smart and bossy. Do I have a little crush on Aly? Maybe but I still think she is so great this season, I hope they keep giving her character some good stories further down the line.

While I've enjoyed Liv, Major and Don E on paranoid brain, I thought that the rescue mission was cut way too short and could've been exploited more and give the episode a bigger dimension. The whole rescue mission could've been a standalone episode, instead we've got 3-5 minute montage of Blaine, Liv and Ravi kicking behinds.

Now back to the paranoid brains. The writers really outdid themselves and delivered so many brilliant laughs and made a great use of the chemistry between Blaine, Don E, and Live. Don E was simply hilarious. Discussing Tupac's death, Liv gluing gum on laptop cameras, and driving poor Clive insane was just pushing the boundaries of their comedic performance to a new level.

The chase for the bossy Zombie hater brother; Harley Johns turned into a very interesting chase and with Clive finding all the clues I was totally cheering GO, BOY! Especially cause of Clive's emotional attachment to Wally and Anna. The eventual face-off between Clive, Liv, and Harley was filled with a twist I didn't saw coming. Harley turning into a Zombie was a phenomenal move by the writers and I can't wait to see where they will take his character in the next two episodes.

Still not sure what to think about Charles Graves, besides that Jason Dohring has a rock solid body. His character is quite obnoxious but he does share solid chemistry with Liv and I would love to see more of him and Blaine interacting. Hope the writers prepped a strong story for him in the next two episodes.

Liv's paranoid brain didn't only work for the police but also for her friend Major. She cyber stalked Major's new bed friend, Shawna and discovered a pretty revealing Tumblr page. Seeing Major struggle with his place in the world was really moving, Robert Buckley really dig deep for this one. I see the potential for Shawna to do some mess up stuff in the finale two episodes as sort of payback for the rejection. Also Major is so leaving town by the end of the season. No way he'll be staying in Seattle.

Last but not least there was Ravi who was struggling to recover from being held captive by the Johns brothers and facing almost certain death. His chemistry with the eventual backstabber reporter Rachel was really intimate. I really liked how they slowly build up their relationship and appreciate how they've shown Ravi feeling isolated from his crew. He was easy pray for Rachel, who used his confusion to get all the information she needed. I certainly didn't see the Zombie reveal article to come at the end of the episode but as said earlier this is the perfect set up for the remaining two episodes, the two-part season finale titled Mr. Goodbrain.

I've really enjoyed covering the show for the last couple of weeks but Winston is coming back for the finale two episodes. In the meantime share your thoughts on the Conspiracy Weary in the comment section down below and don't forget to tune into an all new episode Tuesday 9/8 central on the CW.

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