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Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 3.03 - Teotwawki - Teaser Promo, Sneak Peek & Promotional Photos *Updated 8th June 2017*

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According to Erickson, Travis' arc was initially meant to last longer than one episode and change. In season one, Travis promised his dying wife Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) that he would protect their son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) at all costs. When Chris died at the end of season two, Travis went on a tailspin, losing himself to the primal vortex of the apocalypse. Season three was set to explore that shift within Travis in greater detail, but the events of the premiere episode (in which Travis saved Nick from certain doom) quickened the process.

"For me, the arc for Travis in season three was going to be about redemption," says Erickson. "You have a guy who really in his mind broke the promise he made to Liza back in season one. He promised to protect their son, and he's failed to do that. The only thing left for him in his mind is having failed his biological son, he needs to save his surrogate son, Nick. When he saves Nick, and there were conversations about that happening deeper in the season, this story was essentially over. He did what he needed to do. I think Cliff played it beautifully in the end of the premiere. He's accomplished something. He returned Nick to his mother. But pointedly, he's not part of that family embrace at the end of the act. There's a certain remove and a certain resignation, even in his own mind. It didn't fix anything for him. It may have brought Madison back with her son, but it didn't repair anything in Travis. I think he knows that. There's a certain fateful quality coming off of that."

What does the death right now mean for those kids?

For Alicia, it’s completely mind-bending because she saved his life. Two or three days ago, she killed a man to protect Travis, and now, within the span of a couple days, he’s gone. It really begs the question, what is the point? What did I kill for? And that’s something that is a weight on her and it challenges her for the rest of the season.

And then for Nick, he has this burden and it’s compounded by the death of Travis, but in what was really his first gesture of leadership last season tried to save Luciana and everyone from La Colonia and dropped them into a hornet’s nest. Consequently, Luciana was shot, they were captured, and had it not been for him — Travis, Madison, Alicia would not have been captured because they wouldn’t have been looking for him. If he had not abandoned his mother last season, essentially as the dominoes fall, he believes that Travis does not die. So that’s a burden for him.


Alicia and Nick fall in with new crowds; Madison discovers Otto's past mimics her own.

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