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Dark Matter - All The Time In The World - Advance Preview: “Unparalleled”

There are good episodes of television then there are exceptional hours and then there is this episode which defies all known ways to properly describe its epicness. Hands down and without competition, this episode is likely to land atop most viewers list of favorite episodes. It hits the ground running from the very first second until the very last one. And the revelations are jaw-dropping. We’re not talking tiny bits of information, but big massive marker points for the rest of the season and perhaps the series. This episode is huge and every single part of it is exceptionally well executed. No words exist to properly prepare any of you for what you’re going to see. Just be sure to remember to use the commercial breaks as an opportunity to catch your breath.

This is a Three episode, or so one would think because somewhere along the line it also sort of becomes a defining episode for the Android and Five as well and sets up a lot of things for the entire crew. A lot happens, and that’s not even remotely an exaggeration. So much is crammed into this single episode that it feels bigger than perhaps even the season premiere. The last episode set the tone for the season, but this one defines everything that is to come. When people talk about big impactful episodes this would be one that would perfectly fit into that category.

To give away any specifics of the episode would do all of you a massive disservice because the big moments are just that huge. So, you’ll have to settle for the tiniest of hints. This episode revolves around a time loop situation. A few of the characters will appear in a way that no one can possibly predict, expect, or even fathom. Also…French, and yes, you did read that right and yes that is an actual tiny hint. And that is all that can be said about this phenomenal episode without giving major things away.

The show has yet to do an episode with such high stakes and massive potential consequences. Big shocks don’t stop until the credits roll as even the final seconds deliver another big stunning moment for viewers to revel in. This episode is funny and serious and just plain stunning making it the perfect combination to produce a near-perfect hour of television. It’s definitely got a different tone, so some may love it while others may be confused, but there can be no possible debate that this isn’t a significant episode. You do need to be vigilant as you watch because things do move pretty fast. This is an episode that may require a couple watches to fully soak in all the information that is dropped in it. So, make sure to set your DVR for when the inevitable need to rewatch this episode sets in about two seconds after it ends.

Go ahead and clear your schedule, because you do not want to miss watching this episode live when it airs this Friday at 9/8c on SyFy in the US and Space Channel in Canada.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“It’s a good thing we have all the time in the world.”
“I wasn’t…sure…I’m still not sure.”
“Great, now in addition to aggravating me he’s creeping me out.”
“Forgive me.”
“I’ve had some more time to think.”

Hit the comments with your thoughts about this episode. Are you excited for it? What do you think will happen?

Author's Note: The very spoilery sneak peek that SyFy released was purposely not elaborated on here. To be honest, I would recommend those that plan to watch the episode to not view the sneak peek because there is a lot that happens prior to that moment that makes it far more impactful.