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Better Call Saul - Off Brand + Expenses - Review

The teaser of Off Brand opens with Hector and Nacho doing pick ups at the restaurant.  Krazy-8 walks in, and starts to make small talk about his father and Nacho's father. "Sit" Nacho says, as if he was talking to a dog. Krazy-8 sat in terror, (he always looks like he's going to piss himself) he continues on by saying one of his guys got jumped and lost their money... Nacho signaled him to stop, "you're short!" Krazy - 8 continues to explain what happen and how he tried to make it up on his end, but he was unable too. The far man that Naco is, told him to make it up next time, Krazy-8 was relieved and agreed. When he walked out Hector said "Who works for who" Nacho ran after Krazy-8 dragged him by his hair back inside and started to beat the hell out of him.

When the hearing was over, Rebecca interrupted Kim and Jimmy's celebration for only getting a year suspension. Chuck wasn't answering his door and Rebecca wanted Jimmy to go with her to try and get Chuck to open it. Why Rebecca thought Jimmy would do it, or that it would even would work, who knows, but she really thought Jimmy would do it. When Jimmy told her that Chuck was no longer his brother, she was very disappointed in him, and so was Kim a little bit. Kim knew that Rebecca was going to react this way when she figured everything out,  I don't think Kim realized that Jimmy would be so cold about it all.

What a great friend Howard is. Obviously Chuck wasn't doing well after the hearing, so Howard went over to check on him. ( Maybe Rebecca called Howard asking him to help, since Jimmy would not) If anything Chuck is a drama Queen or King. Howard was knocking on his door for a while before he finally gave up and decided to sit on Chuck's porch and wait. Chuck realized that Howard wasn't going anywhere and decided to open the door. Howard brought Chuck a gift, a $3,000 bottle of scotch, that's a good friend! Howard told Chuck, he had a choice, he could get better or continued to focus on Jimmy's life and what's he up too. Chuck agreed to let Jimmy go, to let the anger go and move on with his life.

I always loved the scenes with Francesca and Jimmy, as well as Francesca and Saul Goodman. Tina Parker and Bob Odenkirk have such great chemistry together. In Off Brand, Jimmy was required to contact all of his clients that he was suspended from The Law for one year.  The list was long, God bless him, but Jimmy had to call every signal one of them. It took all day, wore the poor man out, until he realized that he forgot pull his commercial "Gimmie Jimmy".  Jimmy found out that he was out $4,000 because he couldn't get his refund or resell airtime Jimmy had to come up with another idea, and he did. Jimmy went door to door to local business offering to make them a commercial and throwing the air time in for free. But was running into no luck until the makeup girl suggested that he made a commercial for commercials, and that's when Saul Goodman was born!

Reality hit Chuck. He took a walk, more like a trot. Down the street to make a phone call to his doctor. That in the past, he dismissed her diagnosis. The walk was extremely painful for Chuck and he barely made it, but Chuck's will was stronger than the pain. I amire Chuck for that, he really wants to get better. It came to light during the hearing that it's all in his head, he knows that now, and he wants to get better. Yes Chuck's an asshole but everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

Expenses, had Jimmy juggling commuity service and being a TV Producer, Saul Goodman. In the teaser Jimmy was taking phone calls during his community service time. There for Jimmy only got 30 minutes of service time which he tried to protest but nobody really cared, all they wanted to do was to go home. When they got back to the drop off, he runs to his car, strips, and puts on some clean clothes. Then Jimmy tries to start his car, ( the key word here is "tries') and drives off to pick up the film students to film a commercial. It's for Duke's City Recliners, the Saul Goodman here was a TV Director / Producer, with a vision.

A vision where you have to spend money to make money! And with the right commerical,  produced by Saul Goodman Productions your company will soon have tens of thousands of more customers.

From what it looked like that vision only worked on one customer.  Jimmy even had to do one for free, but if the jackasses at the ABQ in tune see more customers then they have to buy the full package.

Guess who's back!! Our favorite brainless ( as my mother would say) criminal... That screams like a girl, Pryce!! We know that Nacho has something planned for Hector, because Nacho "did not see" a pill that Hector dropped when he had one of his little tantrums. The reason that Nacho was there was because he wants to work with Pryce, like before. Nacho showed Pryce the pill that Hector dropped. Nacho told him that he wants the same pills with the same markings unsealed. Pryce said he could get them and Nacho said he would pay $20,000 for this job.

Mike got signed up to help build the new playground by his daughter-inlaw. He was doing a pretty good job by himself until Stacy brought over some of the people from the support group to help him. Mike wasn't to happy but you can't really tell with Mike because he's always kind of grumpy. Mike sent a few of them to do some cement mixing, while another lady, who was played by the incredible Tamara Tunie (mostly known for her role on Law and Order Special Victims Unit as Dr. Melinda Warner) stayed behind to help Mike finish the sidewalk. Mike actually enjoyed her company, isn't that nice. Afterwards Mike went to work and found his "favorite" person sitting in his car playing a baseball handheld video game. Pryce was there of course because he wanted to hire Mike to be his backup guy, when it came time to make to deal with Nacho. Mike's mood quickly changed from happy back to his normal grumpy. He told Pryce to handle it himself because he's not in it anymore.

But people change their minds and so did Mike, well after he heard his new lady friend's story about her late husband and how he disappeared. It got Mike thinking, so he made the call agreeing to the job. Believe it or not Nacho was actually surprised to see Mike at the drop off, I wouldn't have been surprised, the man needed back up, after what happened the last time. Mike told Nacho that he better know what he's doing with those pills because killing Hector is a bigger deal than he thinks. Nacho explained to Mike just what Hector has planned for his father, so yea he knows what he's doing.

Jimmy and Kim went out for a few drinks, they deserved it, they've been through alot lately. I know, Jimmy + Kim + drinks = Slippin' Kimmy, they were actually really good. Kim and Jimmy where just talking about what they would do to the people, like they own little dirty role play, hey every couple has their own thing. It was going great, Kim was finally able to relax and blow off some stream. Lord knows Jimmy needed a few drinks after the day he had with the jerks at the music store. But then... Jimmy spotted a man that reminded him of Chuck, a real ass hole, and he wanted to take him down. Jimmy comes up with this elaborate scheme to take him down, involved selling him a worthless $5,000 credit card, but mostly it involved Kim, and that scared her, because for a moment Jimmy left her and she needed to bring him back, and she did. But then question was asked, " was there another way?" Jimmy immediately told Kim that everything that they did to Chuck, was his own fault. There was no other way... Jimmy has no regrets

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