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Atypical - Premiere Date Revealed

The new Netflix series, available for streaming on Aug. 11, takes the coming-of-age story in a new direction, telling it from the perspective of a teen on the autism spectrum.

With many youths diagnosed with autism on the cusp of adulthood, series creator Robia Rashid (The Goldbergs) figured a story told from the teen's point of view, a first for a TV comedy, would be a great way to explore dating and other rituals connected with growing up.

High-school senior Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist, United States of Tara) provides that voice, she says, while explaining that the show can't reflect the situation of every person with autism. "We're telling the story of this one kid on the spectrum, and that's his life. It's a very specific the story of this family."

But Rashid also hopes to tell a broader story about growing up by focusing on 18-year-old Sam, his family and, by extension, everyone, whether or not they have experience with autism. "The theme is: No one's normal."

Sam is a sweet, intelligent young man who has a consuming interest in penguins, dislikes noisy environments and accepts questionable dating advice from online and a friend so literally that it leads to embarrassing predicaments.

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