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2017 Character Cup - Sweet Sixteen

Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen of the Character Cup.  Thanks to everyone for their patience and for playing fair.  Joining round three is Caitlin Snow, Sarah Manning, Alex Danvers, Sara Lance, Lucifer, Buffy, Fitz, and The Doctor.  Still rocking first place in our Prediction Contest is Agent of Space with 48 points, but right behind are Joasiary and Amber Lacy with 47 points. Nice predicting! Mine just keep getting sader and sader with each round, so if you'rein the same boat, I feel you.

Today we also add on the mini-contest.  Remember that any show that still has a character in the real contest is not eligible for the mini-contest so that means heavily nominated TV themes like Game of Thrones and Buffy were not included.  I'm sorry if those are your favorites but it would be no fun to have a mini-contest with the same shows as the Character Cup.  Happy voting to all!

A very special thanks to Rendy for creating this title card for the contest!

Rankings / Bracket

Opening Credits:

I Don't Want to Be (One Tree Hill)
Bad Things (True Blood)
Stop, I'm Already Dead (iZombie)
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme
We Used to Be Friends (Veronica Mars)
The Leftovers theme
Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)
Tell That Devil (Wynonna Earp)
How Soon is Now (Charmed)
Save Me (Smallville)
Castle theme
The Ballad of Serenity (Firefly)
The Sanctuary (Angel)
Penny Dreadful theme
Fringe theme
The Big Bang Theory theme

Today's TV Talk Topic:

Usually when I ask for TV Talk Topic suggestions, they are pretty evenly spread out over a plethora of subjects.  This year, however, superheroes were by far the most nominated topics.  So much so that I had to break it into 2 categories just to cover it all.  So for the next 2 days, it's all superheroes.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's…This Again?  (Part 1 because this topic was the most requested in the nominations this year.)  Post-Smallville, TV went through a superhero dry spell.  Now they are all over the TV landscape.  Has the superhero genre gone overboard and mutated into its own archnemesis or are there plenty of alternate worlds left for all of them?  What superhero show do you think still needs to be created?  Which ones would you let go?  What makes a superhero or comic-based show stand out in a crowded lineup?  ?  Are there crossovers and other marketing events you'd still like to see or have they been overdone?  Which storylines would you like to see become more common and which are largely played out?

Theme Song Mini-Contest:


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