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2017 Character Cup Finale

After 570 characters nominated and 64 competitors, we are now down to the final 2. Woo hoo! Congratulations to the Outlander and Supergirl fandoms for getting their characters to the last round. It wasn't easy. Unlike past Character Cups, for the majority of the polls no one has blown away the competition, with the last rounds being especially close. In fact, both Alex and Jamie received 55% of the vote in the semi-finals to proceed on.

Still, Alex Danvers comes in as the odds-on favorite. She has held the largest leads over her competitors winning by 55% - 81% of her polls. She entered the contest with 40% of those in the prediction contest projecting her as the winner (including me). A whopping 51% expected her to be in the finals. In comparison Bellamy Blake, the second most predicted winner, was only 22% predicted to win. To get to the finale, Alex beat Chuck Bartowski, Klaus Mikaelson, Sara Lance, Sarah Manning, and Buffy Summers.

Jamie Fraser, on the other hand, is the underdog. In his closest race, he won by only 19 votes and only 1 person predicted he would make it to the finals with only 6 betting that he'd be in the Final Four. However, Jamie stands as the character with the most votes so far in the whole contest. He's the only character to have received over 2,000 votes in one round and currently has almost 1,000 combined votes more than Alex. To get to the finale, Jamie beat Jughead Jones, Jake Peralta, Felicity Smoak, Eleven, and Bellamy Blake.

In the end though, past statistics are just that - the past. With both fandoms heavily organized, this should be a much closer contest than last year was. Who will prevail? Let the voting begin!

Special thanks to Rendy for making this title card!

Prediction Contest - Given that soooo many people's brackets exploded in the last round, Noor is still in first place with 80 points. Amber Lacey, with 79 points, is tied for second place with Joasiary, who is the only person to predict that Jamie Fraser would make the finals. Nice predicting there!

Final Notes:

1. The poll between Bellamy and Buffy will only be used to determine 3rd and 4th place.
2. There is no poll for 3rd and 4th place for the Theme Song Contest. Sorry.
3. Polls will end on Thursday, June 15 at around 10 am CST.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme
The Big Bang Theory theme
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Today's TV Talk Topic:

Dream Job - (Reminder: This is a PG-Rated contest. Keep it clean. ;-P You know if I'm talking to you.) Say someone in Hollywood (or wherever) offered you a decent salary to quit your job and be part of the TV industry. What job would you most want? What shows, actors, or crew would you most want to work with? What goals would you have? What kind of pitfalls might there be? What personality traits or skills from your current job could you use in your new one? A comprehensive list of non-acting TV jobs can be found here. I never even thought about some of these.