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The Blacklist - Dr. Bogdan Krilov - Review + Best Moment POLL

It was great to see Ressler get more spotlight in 'Dr. Bogdan Krilov.' Up to last episode, it had been hard to root for either side in this riveting feud between Red and Mr. Kaplan. But now it feels Mr. Kaplan had crossed the line by her actions on Ressler, a loyal and honourable agent, who did not deserve the manipulation caused on him.

It was a heartbreaking scene watching Liz reason with Ressler, informing him of how nothing he experienced was real. There was a vulnerability that we have rarely seen in Ressler throughout The Blacklist that added such an emotional punch to the proceedings.

Donald Ressler represents what’s best about this country.
He’s loyal and honest, and he believes that no one-no one is above the law.
And I believe that one day, you’ll be the one being dragged off in handcuffs.
And he’ll be walking into his lake house to watch the sunset.

Liz' protection of Ressler made everything even more poignant. WE never got to see much bonding between the two agents throughout the series, at least nothing memorable, but in the scene when he she stands up for Ressler to Laura Hitchen, we really see how much of a family they have become over the course of the series.

Equally as heartbreaking was Red's arc in this episode when he tells Dembe about Han's son and how he let him die. It is these flaws, these empotional moments where we are reminded how human Red can be. Yet, we also see in this episode how ruthless he can be, as well, after his killing of Hans.

Some intriguing questions were also raised. What did Dr. Krilov erase from Liz' memory two years ago? Hopefully, by the end of this season's finale we get some answers.

Overall, this was another solid entry in what has turned out to be the best storyline of the series. Red has encountered some powerful enemies, but watching someone close to Red and who we know quite well as viewers over four seasons, make it all the more engaging. It's also fun to see Red a few steps behind for once - we've rarely seen him in this type of position and it is fun. Kaplan's attack on Ressler last episode completely changed everything. It was hard to root for one or the other between Red and his cleaner, but now that she has finally crossed the line, things are set up for a riveting final three episodes.