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Supergirl - Resist - Review : She's Back

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Supergirl 221

Written by Jessica Queller & Derek Simon

Directed by Millicent Shelton

What’s a finale without it being in two parts and this penultimate episode of Supergirl does not disappoint as right from the start it’s straight into the action. As the saying goes actions speak louder than words and we all know all the CW shows are known for the pep talk speeches in times of need. Last year Supergirl delivered the message to the masses. This time it was the welcome return of Cat Grant who helped to inspire. She also does her best to guide Supergirl who must go against her president to protect those she loves. It’s a race against time but with a twist at the end, they couldn’t possibly predict.

Previously on Supergirl Rhea had brought her fellow Daxamites through the portal and as we start this episode with the National City Police Department under attack we know they don’t come peacefully.
Speaking of peaceful you may recall Lena was knocked out during Supergirl’s battle with Rhea (seeing Katie McGrath dressed all in black like that brought back memories of Morgana from “Merlin”) Rhea clearly has an affection of Lena. She shows Lena what’s out the window as the Daxamites are attacking and she wants her at her side. Poor Lena, all her mother-like figures are deranged.

Maggie is taking on the Daxamites with the rest of the NCPD and calls Alex but they get cut off just as the DEO gets attacked. Where is Supergirl, you wonder?

Well, she is on her way and a good thing for Alex who jumps out the window and her sister catches her. I must say the slide and jump backwards while firing ... top points Agent Danvers but can’t the sisters’ play catch a safer way?
Rhea is broadcasting her message saying it’s the new Daxam. I am sure the DEO, well what is left of it, will have something to say about that.

Rhea talks to Mon- El, it seems she wants him to marry Lena to unite the people of Earth and Daxam. She’s intent to create a new Daxam on Earth, seems her ship is full of the top people, the ‘Elite’, from there.

What’s left of the DEO sets up inside the Alien bar (please can they name it next year, how about Resistance?) Yes, it is very French resistance-like fighting out of a bar. J’onn is still out for the count after what Rhea whammed him with last week. James joins them saying the Daxamites are everywhere.
They even called Clark for backup but there’s no sign of him. Alex states perhaps he is out there fighting. Maggie arrives much to Alex’s relief, guess they knew they would find each other at the bar. Just then an uninvited guest arrives, Lillian Luthor, she tells them it’s out of concern for her daughter. Obviously, they don’t trust her, especially Alex who demands to know where her father is. Lillian claims she has no idea. They won’t agree but Lillian gives Kara a phone saying to get in touch as she does care about Lena.

Rhea is instructing her troops when a message comes through from Earth. The US President and Rhea get into a verbal sparring match and are interrupted by none other than Cat Grant who has hitched a ride on Air Force One. Most presidents would run but this one is heading towards the fight. Cat’s witty barbs don’t sit as well with Rhea as her tiara and soon she is firing at them. Supergirl catches Cat as she falls out a hole in the plane just before it is destroyed along with, apparently, the President. As we know the president is Alien and a pretty resilient one at that and she soon appears much to the shock of Supergirl and Cat. Of course, she offers to explain her alien look.

Seems Cat and the President, Olivia, are old friends and what Cat thought was an acid trip and visions of ET in the bathroom she now realises was real. I love how Kara is sniggering as Alex wonders what she is on about until the President reveals herself to them all. She is from the planet Durla which was destroyed by invaders and refuses to now see the same happen to Earth. Seems the DEO has been hiding a Positron cannon on the roof. The President wants Alex to break into the DEO and fire at the lead Daxamite ship, Rhea’s ship, but Kara protests as Mon- El and Lena are both on board.

Rhea summons Lena and Mon- El who both refuse her request but when she threatens Lena’s children’s hospital and more will follow she really leaves them no choice but to go along with the arranged marriage. Not to mention she is working on their offspring, guess you don’t need the good old fashioned way on Daxam.

Alex has sent the President back to DC with an escort. Kara is conflicted knowing Mon- El and Lena are on that ship. Alex tells her it must be done but Kara needs some air.
Of course, outside she comes across Cat Grant, how I have missed Cat’s sage words of advice. It is about connections and love, something we all tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life. As Supergirl flies off I have a feeling Cat was about to say” that is still so hot” and changes it to “cool”.

The old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend fits here as Cadmus hates all Aliens and after Lilian’s little “I told you speech” earlier we now know she will be even more determined to prove she is right.

Lillian has the answer to how they get onboard, seems the Fortress of Solitude has its own portal and Cyborg Hank can hack into it. Seems Cyborg Hank learned a lot while he was on his last visit there. Alex points out his murderous intent. She isn’t happy but goes along, none of them trusts each other.
The projector Portal was used to beam prisoners to Fort Roz, they are going to use it to beam on the ship. Alex and Maggie with a few DEO agents are heading to the real DEO to get to the canon. Winn points out they need to distract Rhea and who better than Cat Grant with a little help from Winn.

Winn also accidentally on purpose bumps into Cyborg Hank who is happy to see his alien half in a coma.
Alex begs Kara to be faster than her and get them off the ship before she fires the canon. I adore the Danvers sister scenes. Alex knows Kara won’t survive if Alex fires the canon.

In the fortress, while Cyborg Hank gets to work, Supergirl asks Lillian why she has never told Lena Kara’s identity as Supergirl. Seems Lillian is waiting for Lena to find out on her own and turn her back on Kara when she realises her betrayal. For now, their interests are aligned but both look forward to becoming enemies again.

Rhea is conducting the wedding, Winn and Cat are in Cat Co, and soon Cat asks about James and Kara whereabouts to which Winn’s excuses are pathetic. Cat clearly doesn’t like what James has done with her office and hints at a return.

Kara, Lilian, and Cyborg Hank all arrive on the ship. Love the R2 D2 reference to Cyborg Hank as he unlocks the door later.
Meanwhile, Agent Danvers and ‘Trusted Agent’ Maggie Sawyer are breaking into the DEO.

Cat interrupts Rhea just as she is about to pronounce them man and wife, nothing like Cat Grant to make another timely entrance. She is being broadcast everywhere and encourages the people to stand against the Daxamites. Rhea, of course, sends troops after her and instructs Mon- El and Lena to be taken back to their cells. Of course, these two aren’t going quietly either and after some punching from Mon- El, Lena once again shows her tough side by shooting a soldier and using some MacGyver type skills on the door lock.

There are fights everywhere at the DEO, Alex takes control and powers up the canon.
At CatCo James comes to the rescue as the Guardian but Cat once again proves her deduction skills. She sees its James in the suit. Surely, she knows Kara is Supergirl ... right?

Speaking of knowing, Supergirl’s reaction and lame explanation when she sees Lena and Mon- El still has me wondering how Lena could not know.

Of course, Cadmus betrays Supergirl and leaves her on the ship while they escape with Lena. Luckily Winn had foreseen this happening and planted something on Cyborg Hank.

Alex can’t bring herself to fire knowing Kara is still onboard which is confirmed by Mon- El who transports back with Winn’s device. Kara believes she can talk Rhea down before her whole ship is destroyed.

The President keeps ordering Alex to fire the canon but she can’t bring herself to kill her sister.

Rhea always seems to think ahead, something she stated earlier. In a twist, the Canon is destroyed while Alex hesitates. Kara learns Rhea murdered her husband as he stood against her. Soon a thump sends Supergirl flying and she is shocked to see Superman.

This week’s episode was a true return to form for Supergirl. It delivered everything it does best and even making a few political digs along the way. Cat Grant’s welcome return was a breath of fresh air and her witty barbs, as always, were on point though Rhea wasn’t happy being on the receiving end. This is a female lead show and they proved it tonight with strong female characters lighting up our screens. The future is female with guest actresses Calista Flockhart, Brenda Strong, Teri Hatcher, and Lynda Carter. I had high hopes for this episode and it did not disappoint. Supergirl was still searching for a peaceful outcome despite everything Rhea had done, keeping true to her character. Lena again learned a hard lesson in motherly love both from Lillian and Rhea. Alex was torn between duty and her love for her sister. This episode had everything, action, suspense, and love for the people who matter to us most.
We also learned dive bars make the best hideouts like in all movies when there is an invasion.

Next week we can assume Superman is fighting for Rhea against his will.

So, what were your thoughts about this weeks episode?

Did you like the return of the only Queen in Supergirl, The Queen of all Media?

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