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Supergirl - Nevertheless , She Persisted - Review : ' I put all my chips on the girl of steel '

Supergirl 222

Teleplay by Robert Rovner & Caitlin Parrish by

Story by Andrew Kriesburg & Jessica Queller

Directed by Glen Winter

After last week’s episode, I did wonder how they could top it and while it may not have had the full-on action and faster pace there was certainly plenty to entertain and engage. Once again it took us through a myriad of emotions. The girl of steel proving she has earned her status as a hero and, in this one, earth’s champion.
So, let’s get right into it as it picks up where we left off last week

Superman has knocked Kara across the Daxamite ship but of course, he isn’t himself. Kryptonite comes in all colours, green weakens them but it seems silver kryptonite messes with their mind. How Rhea knows this she doesn’t say but she has Kal-El believing his cousin is Zod. So he feels he is fighting his greatest enemy.

It’s a battle of the supers and when Alex realises what is happening she dashes out to where they are. Its blow for blow but Kara gets the upper hand, and a great hit to superman’s jaw he is out. She collapses into her sister.

Kara is clearly dreaming, no wonder after all those hard blows were struck. Kara dreams of a peaceful morning with her and Mon- El but the reality is she awakens in the fortress after flying both Alex and Superman there before passing out again.
Thankfully Superman is now free of the silver kryptonite poisoning.

Lena is drowning her sorrows but it would seem her mother is on hand to help. Remember the box she took from Lex’s vault? Seems it was designed to pour out Kryptonite into the atmosphere. Lillian realises that Lena can adapt it for lead to get rid of the Daxamites.

Superman, Kara, and Alex look in the fortress archives for something to help them with the Daxamites and find something called Daxam Ore.

On return to the DEO Kara tells Mon- El about her plan to evoke Daxam Ore. Seems it an old Daxamite custom, basically a fight, winner takes all. As Rhea powers up her weapons again it leaves Kara no choice but to invoke it.

J’onn is still in a coma but he sees M’gann who tells him to wake up which he does much to Alex’s relief. But M’Gann isn’t really there.

The media is hyping up the battle so Kara suggests she and Clark have a word with Cat Grant. Her concern is innocents could get caught in the crossfire.

I do love the welcome return of Cat Grant and her ability to make Clark and Kiera .. I mean Kara, blush.
Of course, like Cat, we are putting all our chips on the girl of steel even though Cat’s flirting with her cousin is something she would rather not remember.

Lena and Lillian Luthor ask to meet with the two Supers and Lena explains her idea telling them all Daxamites would have to leave or would die. Lena asks Supergirl if she knows Kara is dating Mon- El... So, Lena doesn’t know she is Supergirl and the look Kara throws Lillian indicates she thought she may have told her.

Back at the DEO, they tell them the plan if Kara doesn’t defeat Rhea or if something goes wrong they may have to use Lena’s little silver box.

Kara gets in some sparing practice with her cousin, feeling now she has it all she could lose it. He tells her their hidden superpower is keeping those they love in their heart when they fight.

Mon- El goes with Kara as her second but Rhea soon breaks the agreement and he goes off to help people along with the others. Leaving Rhea and Supergirl still exchanging blows.
The device is ready but Lillian wants to press it straight away, Lena knows her mother all too well and gave Supergirl the device trigger so only she can activate it.

J’onn, Superman, and Mon-El continue to battle Daxamite soldiers when M’ Gann arrives with a little White Martian help.

Rhea gets the upper hand, seems her planet was poisoned by Kryptonite and it runs through her veins. When she is cut this weakens Supergirl but in the end, Supergirl knocks her down but Rhea’s ships are targeting hospitals and schools. Supergirl has no choice but to activate the device and soon Daxamites are running back to their ships as Rhea turns to ash.

Mon-El, due to being longer on earth, is still ok. Kara has an idea and asks for Alex’s help. She places him in the ship he arrived in. He clearly doesn’t want to leave and for these two parting is such sweet sorrow. She tells Mon- El she loves him and both their hearts are clearly breaking. As the tears fall she gives him the necklace her mother gave her when she put her in the pod.

Everyone is celebrating but Supergirl is outside looking up at the stars. Superman tells her she is stronger than him in many ways as he doesn’t think he could have given up Lois for the Earth. As he leaves we see M’gann and J’onn share a kiss and know Kara as heard them when Alex approaches. She wants to be there for her sister but she tells her to hold on to Maggie before she flies away.

As Maggie approaches Alex asks Maggie to marry her and we are left wondering the answer until next season. These two’s love story has truly been a highlight of this season.

Next day Cat senses something is wrong with Kara who tells her she was in a relationship while she was away and it didn’t work out. Cat as always is on hand with words of wisdom and knowledge of four divorces. When the news reports of fires Kara makes an excuse and leaves. We focus on Cat who says, ‘Go get ‘em Supergirl’ Yes, the question has been answered, she did indeed know.

The haunting melody by Idina Menzel fits beautifully as Supergirl flies off and you can see her heart is breaking as we cut to Mon- El who seems to get sucked into some sort of portal. As Kara flies up high with tears in her eyes you would expect it to be the end but it isn’t.

Let’s go back 35 years to when Clark and Kara were sent to Earth, it seems they weren’t the only ones but the dark undertones of this one’s launch suggest something far more sinister.

Supergirl has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride this season but I am pleased it has ended on a high, Somethings worked while others did not. let us hope they learn moving forward into season 3.

Until next season

So, what were your thoughts about who once again could be in the pod?

Was the finale all you expected?

What would you like to see in the Season 3?