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Speechless - M-A-MAY-JAY - Review: Left speechless

After watching episode of 22 of Speechless' first season I was left Speechless and in tears. The show raised its game once more delivering an episode with not only truly hilarious moments but also emotional scenes that just is beyond anything they've done before. M-A-MAY-Jay was written by Miriam Datshovsky & Bryan Keefer and directed by Geeta Patel.

It seems unbelievable that the writers packed so much story in just 21 minutes. The unbelievable progression of JJ's story culminated with so much fun and family love that my heart could barely take it. The episode was nearly perfect, I just don't understand why they used stunt doubles for the Ray-Dylan running scenes. Felt weird. So let's dig deep into this nearly perfect 30 minutes of television.

JJ's fight for independence continued this week and the writers really brought their A game. The set up was truly hilarious and Maya's excitement about having a Kenneth free summer with JJ was truly hilarious. Still, it was topped by Kenneth and JJ' cue to get Maya's approval for camp.

JJ's resistance to Maya suffocating his desire for freedom resulted in a mini tantrum and a broken knee cap. Kenneth's entrance to the hospital room was hilarious, him showing his overprotective side was so sweet and funny at the same time. Him blacking out while trying to lift JJ's spirit was such a lol moment. 

Maya eventually opening to the idea of sending JJ to camp so he wouldn't loose his faith was such a powerful scene. Minnie Driver showed so much strength while Maya encouraged him into a pre camp preparation. 

Jimmy's juicy side story felt weird but John Ross Bowie is just so exceptionally funny and pulls off these scene with so much conviction. I laughed so hard during his stroll through the hospital. All those weird high fives and that music totally cracked me up.

But to be honest the scene that completely broke me was Ray and Dylan's hospital scene. I mean the moment Ray kissed Dylan on her forehead just brought the tears, I couldn't control myself and pressedd pause after the beautiful brother scene.

The whole running story was funny, Dylan's panic about not the best was really funny. Ray nonchalant attitude was just continuously pissing her off and I've enjoyed it so much. Dylan trying to be smart so she would provoke Ray to race her again was a great punch from the writers. The 2nd race was even funnier, loved the hurdling pun and Dylan was a deserving winner.

Only 1 episode left and I can't wait to see how the season will end. What are your thoughts on M-A-MAY-JAY? Did it make you laugh and cry like me? Or did it feel underwhelming to you? As always share your thoughts in the commentection down below.

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