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Sense8 - Season 2 - Advanced Preview: We are coming for U!

My biggest issue with Netflix shows is that as soon as you finish binging the currently released season, you want to watch another season right away. And Season 2 of Sense8 isn't an exception either. Season 2 is nicely paced, very serialized, very emotional and very mythology-heavy and I'm so happy about that. The Sense8 team had a really tough job to follow up that first season. Season 1 was fresh, new, something totally different and the sophomore slump is a real thing. Sense8 avoided the slump with passionate writing and brilliant editing that kept me on the edge of my seat for all 10 episodes.

The thing I loved the most about Season 2 is that we get a bunch of scenes involving all the cluster members. Yes, all 8 of them together, sharing all the good and the bad coming their way and giving every cluster member space to feel appreciated and a worthy member of the cluster. The 8 of them really grew close to each other and turned into a very tight family. Throughout the season we get to see cluster members who hadn't shared many or any solo scenes previously interact and share a connection, show that they feel for each other and are more similar than thought.
Besides that, I loved that every episode added to the show's mythology or mystery as the fight vs the BPO is ON. On like Donkey Kong. The cluster is fighting with full force against Whispers and his men and it is a real cat and mouse game. Punches are exchanged and just when you think that one team is gaining the upper hand the other team is fighting back. A very welcome addition to the team was Bug, Nomi's hacker friend. He is a great comedic relief and plays off very well against Nomi and Amanita while they fight the fight against the BPO.

A lot of action scenes are featured throughout the episodes, the 2nd episode has a really terrifying action scene and the life of 1 of our sensates is in danger. Still, my favorite action sequences involve a very hot dinner scene turned cluster vs cluster fight. The cinematography and editing were beautifully executed throughout the season, especially considering that every time the cluster made a move against the BPO the scene would involve the whole cluster, appearing, disappearing, switching. Amazing work from the whole editing team.

For all the fans of this magnificent scene from season 1, I can only say it you'll hear the tune again in an upgraded version but just as good.

Another thing I love about Sense8 is that they don't avoid the tough topics. It is a rarity to see a show handle homosexuality and transsexuality in such an open and encouraging way, showing both the bad and the good. And it is important for more shows to follow their steps. Right of the bet, the show opens with a powerful scene challenging prejudice and exploring how (un)important ethnicity and sexuality are.

The show is expanding its universe this season and introduces a variety of new sensates and clusters and they've done a great job. They introduce just the right amount of new sensates giving them space to be fresh and distinct from the main cluster. Also, the writers weren't shy to give the new sensates strong libidos, those people are horny. As always be prepared for some steamy scenes.

The MVP of this season by any means is Sun Bak, at least in my humble opinion. Doona Bae delivered an outstanding performance with an incredible range that really captivated me and made me tear up a couple of times. Sun's "individual" season arc is very well written and even better executed, forming a well-rounded character that you simply have to love.

Also, very strong performance was delivered by Brian J Smith. Will turned into the leader of the group and carried a lot of weight on his back, and Mr. Smith pulled it off. His performance is raw and emotionally gripping as the rollercoaster he is on never stops. Will shares many strong scenes with Whispers and they are juicy. The interaction between the two of them is giving the show a whole new dimension. A big emotional moment happens when Will and Riley have to split paths for a couple of episodes and Will suffer a big emotional setback.

Expect huge emotional breakthroughs for both Nomi and Lito, as both fight one of the biggest fights of their lives. Nomi comes face to face with her parents during her sister's wedding (I've teared up), while Lito fights for his space in the movie industry while being openly gay. Lito's arc this season was so well balanced. He broke my heart and made me laugh so many time in these 10 episodes, simply amazing. And for all the viewers who appreciate Lito for his pretty body, he spends like two who eps in a tight onesy, don't worry. Kala and Wolfgang are going through quite the rough patch as they struggle to accept their feelings for each other. A huge disappointment for me was the new Capheus. They went with a more serious story for the character and the new actor fits it better but personally, I've enjoyed Aml Ameen's Capheus more as he was more believable in his faith in VanDamme. Capheus gets himself a new girlfriend and gets mixed up in some serious business.

Last but not least, the season finale is an action packed, funny and emotional, and be ready for a question to be popped. Whispers gets closer and closer to the cluster and eventually, the lives of two cluster members are left unknown as some members come face to face with Whispers.

I hope you've enjoyed the read as I've tried to share as much as possible without spoiling too much of the actual story. Now it is your turn, be patient and tune into Netflix tomorrow the 5th May and ensure a 3rd season of Sense8 for all of us.