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Scene Of The Week - May 14, 2017 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Return", May 9, 2017, Actors: Mallory Jansen, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, The Scenes: Fitz and Aida talk in the containment unit & Simmons comforts Fitz
Justyna K:
Once again "Agents of SHIELD" delivers an incredible episode with so many brilliant things and scenes to highlight in the article. While I loved the emotional reunion between Fitz and Simmons and Mack's surprising rescue I can honestly say that the interactions between Fitz and Aida (Ophelia) were the best part of the hour for me. Mallory Jansen and Iain De Caestecker stole the show with their incredible performances and the writers did an amazing job in showing us all the different emotions these two were going through during the episode. While Aida spent this time adjusting to being a human Fitz had to face all the things he did while trapped in the Framework. And the weight of the damage he caused, even though he wasn't himself, was crushing him with each passing moment. While trying to make sense of things Leo was also trying to help Aida in her change, making sure she could become the very best version of herself, even going as far as saving Mack's life and bringing him back to SHIELD. But the culmination of the wonderful scenes between these two has to be their conversation in the containment unit. Fitz is close to breaking down, realizing just how far his other self went and starting to imagine himself as a bad person. He's especially heartbroken when it hits him how much he hurt the one he loves the most, Jemma. Aida does her best to be kind and supportive, telling him the reason why she grew so close to him in the first place and assuring him of her love. But when he admits his heart still belongs to Jemma it's Aida's reaction that changes everything. The sudden change into a hurt and furious woman, not able to handle the new feelings of pain and loss, makes her take out her anger on Fitz who gets afraid of her new side and tries to get away. Mallory Jansen's complete 180 degrees turn couldn't have been better done. The actress proved to be one of the best things about the season, playing multiple characters and making the viewers feel for Ophelia before the darkness takes over. Iain De Caestecker's performance is another award-worthy one as Fitz struggles with many conflicting emotions in one second and tries to get through to Aida in the next one. There's not enough good things I could say about these two and there's still the wonderful Elizabeth Henstridge who continues her spectacular portrayal of Jemma who is listening to the entire conversation and breaks down at the thought of losing Fitz. This arc turned out to be such an important one for both the show and these character's story. Kudos to the entire cast & crew for their work on the show. Congratulations on the renewal! So happy about this one. Well deserved.
Samantha: Simmons comforts Fitz. This was a magnificent scene. It was short, no words, just pure emotion and it absolutely gutted me. Even though what happened in the framework wasn't real, Fitz is still feeling the effects and questioning what type of man he is, which is completely understandable. Despite the fact he shot her in the framework and was prepared to kill her, Simmons is still there for Fitz in his time of need even though he can't bring himself to so much as look at her because he feels so disgusted with his actions and it's a tremendous scene showcasing two outstanding actors.
DJRiter: Once again Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker are standouts in this storyline, in this heartbreaking scene of their emotional reunion. You're crying right along with them as Simmons holds Fitz when he breaks down.

BABY DADDY, "The Rebound", May 8, 2017, Actors: Melissa Peterman, Chelsea Kane
The Scene: Bonnie admits she loves her daughter-in-law
Klutzy girl:
Riley and Bonnie have a conversation in which the latter reveals she loves her daughter-in-law. It was completely out of the blue and the moment killed me. I love their relationship and I am sad we won't be getting to see more of it when the show ends.

BETTER CALL SAUL, "Chicanery", May 8, 2017, Actors: Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean and more, The Scene: Jimmy provokes Chuck
Darth Locke:
Jimmy provokes Chuck by insinuating his condition is psychological and not physical. What might on a glance look like a low-budget dingy courtroom drama in this week's episode of Better Call Saul, was in fact a brilliantly written, acted, and filmed episode relying so heavy on characterization and nuance, which is always what makes this series great. I loved Jimmy's plan in not only trying to prove that Chuck's condition is psychological to help cut Chuck's testimony down, but really proves it, when Chuck loses it in front of everyone, just by insinuating it with the phone and battery set-up!

BLACK-ISH, "Sprinkles", May 10, 2017, Actors: Anthony Anderson, Jenifer Lewis
The Scene: Ruby comforts Dre
Klutzy girl:
Ruby comforts Dre after he breaks down because of Bow and the baby's health scare. I love that she calmed him down enough that he could be there for his wife while their son was born.

CRIMINAL MINDS, "Red Light", May 10, 2017, Actors: Matthew Gray Gubler, Aubrey Plaza
The Scene: Reid and Cat dance in the dream world
Reid and Cat interact and dance in the dream world. Aubrey Plaza was superb in her guest starring arc, and her and Matthew Gray Gubler had a special kind of chemistry on screen.

DOCTOR WHO, "Oxygen", May 13, 2017, Actors: Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, The Scene: Bill and the Doctor are exposed to the vacuum
Justyna K:
There were quite a few memorable scenes in this powerful episode but the way this scene was shot, edited and acted, as well as its lasting consequences made this a clear choice for SOTW article. When trying to escape their attackers Bill and the Doctor (along with a few others) are forced to spacewalk outside of the space station they are trapped in. When Bill's suit malfunctions she is left to face the vacuum without a helmet. Her exposure to the void becomes visible very soon as we experience the scene (mostly) from her perspective with everything slowly fading away, her blood vessels rupturing and exposed areas swelling. When it's clear she will not survive the spacewalk the Doctor gives her his own helmet, leaving himself exposed instead. Their walk is seen in the little bits of Bill's memory and we watch as the Doctor is guiding her to safety while fighting the void on his own. As we later learn he's able to survive the vacuum's effects but not without losing his sight in the process. Though the Doctor's sacrifice to save his friend was expected, the reveal that he's blind took me completely by surprise. The entire sequence is such a powerful, intense and well-acted one. Truly breathtaking. Kudos to cast & crew for their wonderful work on this memorable episode. Can't wait to see what's next.

FARGO, "The Narrow Escape Problem", May 10, 2017, Actors: David Thewlis, Ewan McGregor and more, The Scenes: Varga's creepy talk with Emmit after dinner & The Bank Manager scene
Darth Locke:
Again this episode had a whole bunch of little scenes that perhaps on their own aren't as good as when they are added together. From Billy Bob Thornton's "Peter and the Wolf" voice-over/montage to Ray's bank scenes, it was hard to choose one that really stuck out, but I went with this scene, because in some ways, it reveals a lot about Varga - and because Emmit just doesn't have the stones to really do anything about him, but listen. It really hits a darker psychological tone in a way where Fargo hasn't quite gone before. David Thewlis' Varga isn't a menacing-fun character like Malvo or ignorant brute like some of Gherharts, he's quieter and meticulously well-versed. He's like something out of a Philip K. Dick Novel, something like Valis - a psychological and science-fiction nightmare narrated by harrowing calm and religious voice.
DarkUFO: The Bank Manager scene.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "True Colors", May 11, 2017, Actors: Jerrika Hinton, Caterina Scorsone, Justin Chambers and more, The Scenes: Stephanie saves Erin and lights the rapist on fire & Amelia comforts Owen & Alex imagines his first meeting with Jo's ex
Stephanie puts the rapist on fire. I can't even describe what a gem Jerrika Hinton is. The GA writers neglected her and I'm so happy she got such a powerful goodbye story. The writers made such a bold show when they've chosen for Stephanie to put the rapist on fire instead of stabbing him. Such a badas* move. Also picked by Diana
Luana: Stephanie saves Erin and lights the rapist on fire and he creates an explosion. I'm liking Stephanie a lot lately, more than I thought I ever would, and it's a bummer because she's leaving now. Damn this Grey finales, next week will probably be devastating.
Saloni: Alex imagines his first meeting with Jo's ex, Paul Stadler, in which he introduces himself as Alex STEVENS! Lol. I chuckled a bit. In this intense episode, it was fun to hear that callback.
Jimmy: Amelia finally behaves like a wife should when she comforts Owen after he learns of the news about his sister.

iZOMBIE, "Some Like it Hot Mess", May 9, 2017, Actors: David Anders, Aly Michalka, The Scene: Blaine reveals he's been faking his amnesia
I think we all owe Ravi an apology, but this was an excellent reveal. It's something we should have seen coming since Blaine is despicable, and faking amnesia to escape his troubles is a completely Blaine thing to do yet I completely bought the facade and was shocked when he revealed the truth. It takes a certain type of actor to be able to pull a storyline like this off, if you're too blatant the audience will see what's coming ahead of time, and David Anders is that. Watching throughout the conversation as Blaine transformed from his somewhat naive persona back to the Blaine we all know and hate was great and I can't wait to see what happens next week.

NCIS LOS ANGELES, "Uncaged", May 7, 2017, Actors: LL Cool J, Aunjanue Ellis, The Scene: Sam cradles Michelle in his arms
If you'd seen the promos you knew this was coming, and I've only been watching the show for the last 2 years so I haven't seen a lot of Sam & Michelle's interactions, yet that ending devastated me. It's one thing to psych yourself up for the worst case scenario, but it's a completely different thing to be faced with it and my heart broke for Sam.

RIVERDALE, "Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter", May 11, 2017, Actors: KJ Apa, Luke Perry and more, The Scene: Archie's dad gets shot
Archie's dad got shot in the last scene of the season finale. We don't know if he'll survive. I hope so, I want to see more Luke Perry on my screen, lol.

SENSE8, "You Want a War?", May 5, 2017, Actors: Terrence Mann, Brian J. Smith, The Scene: Mr. Whispers realizes Will is in the room
Mr. Whispers has been hunting, torturing, and playing mind games with the sensates of the world for so long he believed himself untouchable. When Will grabs him and slams his head into the table it not only rocked his world but altered the fundamental landscape of the series. The sensates have taken the first steps from being victims in the war against them to combatants. I cannot wait to see what’s coming next.

SCANDAL, "Head Games", May 11, 2017, Actors: Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes, The Scene: Liv passes the baton
It was fun to see Quinn struggling with Olivia's attitude this episode and fight passionately for her own beliefs. It was a great moment when Quinn realized it was all a test, and it was nice to see Liv realize someone else has to do her job now. I'm excited about the direction Scandal is taking for their last season (except for Olivia's mom, I hope she's not the last big bad).

SPEECHLESS, "M-a-May-Jay", May 10, 2017, Actors: Mason Cook, Kyla Kenedy
The Scene: Ray and Dylan in the hospital
As I've said in my review, after this scene I had to pause and take a second to hold back the tears. It was so beautifully illustrated how much these kids care for each other and how strong their bond is despite all the teasing. The moment Ray kissed Dylan's forehead I was in tears.

THE 100, "The Other Side", May 10, 2017, Actors: Devon Bostick, Christopher Larkin, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, The Scenes: Jasper's death & Octavia and Bellamy reunite
Justyna K:
Let me start by saying there were many scenes in this episode that would be worth highlighting in the article. Octavia and Bellamy's reunion and Raven's fight to live for starters. However the moment that I'll remember the most about it is the final goodbye between Jasper and Monty. These two simply broke my heart in this one quiet scene. Jasper started out as such a bright and happy character. He loved the Earth from the moment he got to the ground, he was brave and ready for the new world and he's the first person who had to pay the price for living in it. His almost death at the end of the very first episode of the show was the starting point for all the pain the original hundred (and later everyone else) had to go through during their time on Earth. Jasper's the character that I found to be the most likeable in the pilot and I remember really wanting him to survive that impossible shot. And he did. But things only got darker from that. Despite trying to keep his spirit up and along with Monty making the best of this new life Jasper's pain never fully went away. And eventually it started to look like he died a long time ago, with Maya at the end of season two. It was his breaking point and though he learned to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the world he never truly recovered, just taking in all that's good about the Earth before he finally gets to leave it behind. Watching his behavior in the last two seasons wasn't always an easy thing to do, but I still couldn't help but think about this kid we were introduced to in the pilot, making this goodbye even harder. Monty being there for his best friend in the end was both heartwarming and absolutely heartbreaking. His "I love you" told after Jasper's death was another reminder of just how much these two cared about each other and a reminder of the brilliant duo they used to be. Such an emotional moment, perfectly acted by Devon Bostick and Christopher Larkin. Jasper and Raven are probably the characters who suffered the most over the course of the series so while it was painful to see Jasper's death it was beautiful to watch Raven choosing to fight to live. Such a wonderful parallel in their scenes. Kudos to cast & crew for another great episode. Goodbye and be at peace Jasper. Thank you Devon Bostick.
Marko: The 100 writers did something I didn't think was possible. They've made me care about Jasper again. His arc since season two was really annoying but to be honest we had to see that side of the story as well. We should never forget they've sent those kids down to die and that scared them. The death scene itself was heartbreaking and beautifully shot. Rip Jasper! Also picked by Jimmy
Luana: Octavia and Bellamy reunite and she invites everyone into the bunker. It was nice to see brother and sister finally reunite, after so much talking to other people about their love for each other, but it was also important that someone finally stopped Jaha's craziness in the bunker, and for once, I'm on Octavia's side here, after so much of the writers not knowing what to do with her it looks like she's starting to find her way. Also picked by Diana

THE AMERICANS, "Darkroom", May 9, 2017, Actors: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and more, The Scenes: The wedding ceremony & The end darkroom montage
The Ceremony. There were two very good scenes for me in this episode, but a highlight has to be the ceremony where Elizabeth and Philip are legally married. The scene was effective and powerful, and although no words were exchanged between the two, it still really stood out for me as a brilliant moment, and as we enter closer and closer to the endgame of The Americans, you have to wonder how many more moments like these the two will have left.
Saloni: Philip surprises Elizabeth with a wedding. These two deserved that little time of solace.
DarkUFO: The end darkroom montage.

THE BIG BANG THEORY, "The Long Distance Dissonance", May 11, 2017, Actors: Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, The Scene: Sheldon proposes to Amy
It was a long time coming.

THE LEFTOVERS, "G'Day Melbourne", May 7, 2017, Actors: Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, The Scene: Kevin and Nora argue in the hotel
This scene has to be up there with one of my favourites from The Leftovers and that’s saying something. Both Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon are exceptional here and deserve all the awards for their acting in this scene alone, as it sends you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions complete with haunting classical music in the background. This is The Leftovers at its pure, brilliant best. Also picked by DarkUFO & Darth Locke

UNDERGROUND, "Soldier", May 10, 2017, Actors: Jessica De Gouw and more, The Scene: Elizabeth shoots a slave owner
Throughout most of the season Elizabeth has been struggling to deal with her anger over her husband’s murder because of his abolitionist beliefs. Her friends, on the pacifist side of the fight, tried to help her find a peaceful way through her emotions. But once she met followers of John Brown she began to believe more and more in the violent side of the fight. When she and others went to rescue slaves from several nearby farms one of the teams ran into trouble. One of the owners held a gun to the head of one of his house slaves in an effort to save his own life. Time was running out to meet with the other teams and return home safely. While one of the other raiders began negotiations Elizabeth finally accepted to full mantle of her place in this fight. She shot the man in the head. It was a step I did not expect her to take and a very satisfying way to end a season long story arc.


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