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Riverdale - Season Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

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Hiram Lodge is coming in season 2 and being played by Mark Consuelos. How will his move to Riverdale affect season 2?

That’s one of our bigger casting additions. Hiram has created a lot of chaos in Riverdale for someone who wasn’t even in Riverdale. He was operating behind bars through his wife, through his business associates, through his mafia connections. I can only say that when Mark Consuelos arrives, as handsome and charming as he is, we’re definitely going to get a sense that a young Michael Corleone has arrived in Riverdale. Our characters aren’t going to be quite sure what to make of him or what he’s up to. He obviously plays a huge part in the series. One of the classic dynamics from the comic books, which we love to honor and subvert, in a way, and sometimes both, is Hiram-versus-Archie. Hiram hates Archie in the comic books. We’re going to play a much more complex version of that, of course. But yeah, there’s going to be an interesting triangulation between Archie and Veronica and Hiram that’s going to be one of our big engines this season.

The Serpents twist poses an interesting question, as he could legitimately view them as the family he's always yearned to have. Then again, it could all be part of a larger plan to help free his dad.

I think that's the question Betty is asking in that moment as she's looking out the doorway and seeing Jughead put on the jacket. You can imagine that after the Serpents leave that night, probably Betty and Jughead are going to be doing a lot of talking and not much fooling around.

Lastly, how does Hermione (Marisol Nichols) fit into this? As season one progressed, she revealed a darker side to her character, culminating with the finale in which she asks her daughter to use Archie against Fred. How deep does this dark streak in her run?

With Hiram's arrival, I'm not really interested in playing Hermione as cowering before Hiram or being terrified of him. What I'm really interested in seeing with Hiram and Hermione is seeing them as a power couple, almost like Frank and Claire Underwood on House of Cards, working together.

TVLINE | I know you won’t say whether Fred lives or dies, but either way, this has to affect Archie on a deep level, right?

For sure. Oftentimes, we say that Archie is the hero of our series, and that the series is going to be, in many ways, him going from a boy to the kind of man he’s going to be. And I think about the literal heroes I grew up with: Batman, Spiderman and things like that. So when we started talking about this happening to Fred, I said, “This will be as impactful on Archie as when young Bruce Wayne sees his parents gunned down, or when Spiderman’s Uncle Ben is shot and killed.” Those are galvanizing moments for those guys, and it will be for Archie. It’s going to set him on his real journey, ultimately towards heroism, but I think first to a much darker place than we’ve played Archie. Long gone will be the days of, “Music or football? Betty or Veronica?” It’s an Archie who’s seen his worst fears come true.

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