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Riverdale - Purely Blossom - Review: "A Killing Twist"

This is the Riverdale I love. Purely Blossom is the last episode before the season finale revealed what we were all waiting to find out: Jason’s murderer. It was really an interesting twist, but let’s recap the episode.

After F.P. confesses to everything, Jughead is desperate: he tries to call his mother, but she doesn’t allow to move with her. Hal confesses that he didn’t want Polly to have his baby, because he is a Blossom. So, the Coopers reveal the truth to her daughter. The quote of the episode: “nothing could be more purely Blossom, than these babies”. It was an unexpected twist and it’s clear that the show loves to play with the theme of incest: after hinting at an ambiguous relationship between Cheryl and Jason, now this.

Jughead and Betty continue to investigate and they question Joaquin who gives Jason’s jacket. Inside the jacket, there is a pen-drive. The group of friends watches a shocking video: Clifford murdered Jason. Betty calls Cheryl and that’s when the craziness arrives at a turning point: she interrupts the dinner saying “You did it a bad thing, daddy. And now everyone knows”. 

The police want to arrest him, but he has already committed suicide and we find out that he was hiding a huge quantity of drugs. I really enjoyed how they developed the episode: firstly they made us believe that F.P. was really guilty and then they turned the tables revealing the truth. Everyone could have been guilty of this murder, but Clifford as the killer changes so much the situation in Riverdale. I am really curious to see how Cheryl will handle the situation. She is clearly one of the most interesting characters of the show. We can now say that the murder mystery was handled really well in this first season, bravo to them!

The ending of the episode was bittersweet: Mary returns to Chicago and Veronica discovers that his father will be released soon. What will happen in the season finale? I am really worried that the writers will slow down the rhythm, but I’m really optimist: if they keep delivering episodes like this, the show will become even more addictive.

And you? What do you think of Purely Blossom?