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Lucifer - The Good, The Bad And The Crispy - Advance Preview: “Epic Season Finale”

Lucifer’s world is about to change forever as the lives of so many people he cares about are put on the line in this massive season finale event. It’s no surprise that a season that has been so perfectly crafted and executed would end on an epic sized note. From the first seconds to the final big jaw dropping ending the episode never lets up. Much like the Season 1 cliffhanger setup the arrival of Mom, this one sets up something, but as to what, that is a bit of a mystery. Even after watching it there is no real clear answer as to what exactly is playing out on the screen. It’s not the cliffhanger that many are probably expecting which makes it all the more intriguing. While the cliffhanger can only be described as epic, it’s actually what happens just prior to the big grand final seconds that will leave viewers most anxious for next season. There will be plenty to speculate about over the summer.

A lot happens in this episode and it serves to set up what could be a very different Season 3. It also puts several characters in precarious and dangerous situations. One of which the promo itself spoiled, as it shows Dr. Linda severely injured. She is indeed in a fight for her life. Since that bit has already been spoiled, it’s safe to say that what happens to her is traumatic and will have massive repercussions. What others do to try to help her will have a profound impact. Now for the questions that everyone wants answers to. How did she get hurt? How severe are her injuries? Will they be able to save her? You’ll have to watch to find out, but it can be said that the acting delivered by Rachael Harris throughout this episode is astonishing.

The previous episode left a few story points hanging and while this one jumps right into tackling those topics a couple points oddly don’t get touched upon. There really isn’t much free time for anything else to be dealt with so those are topics very likely being held for next season. There isn’t much in terms of specifics that can be gone into detail about without spoiling things, so instead here are some tiny tidbits. Ella gets more screentime than she has had in a while, though no big developments for her character. Dan finds himself in one awkward situation after another. Amenadiel dives head first into some heavy soul searching. Chloe says something to Lucifer early on that will have a bigger impact than she realizes. They share several major scenes that should make fans happy. Trixie and Maze have a really cute scene together. Maze endures something that will almost certainly have a major impact on her. Lesley-Ann Brandt has been a standout since the start and has only grown exponentially more impressive this season. One of her performances in this episode shows off a vulnerable side of Maze like has never been seen before. As is expected, Charlotte plays a major part in this episode but how her story evolves is quite unexpected. And Lucifer, he deals with several colossal situations that allow Tom Ellis to truly shine. Look for someone to give Lucifer a rather deep insightful speech that spurs him to take action. Much like his fellow celestial characters, expect to see Lucifer have to confront some really tough situations that bring out a different side of him.

Buckle up, because this episode is an intense ride. There are some slower moments that seem odd to spend time on in a season finale, but don’t be fooled because those moments serve a greater purpose in the overall scheme of the story. The case of the week is a carryover from the prior episode, but with some interesting new twists. Prepare yourselves for this big season finale and be ready to sit and stare at your screen in awe at those final seconds. The end is something to marvel at with your jaw hanging open.

If you have plans for Monday night then cancel them right now. Seriously, you do not want to miss watching this episode when it airs on Monday, May 29th at 9/8c on FOX.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“Duct tape. Trust me, this stuff’s amazing.”
“That family is so weird.”
“I don’t get paid by the hour.”
“Ah, you know what? It’s probably just embarrassing family stuff. I mean they seem totally bonkers.”
“Help me!”

Hit the comments with your hopes for the episode. What do you want to see happen?

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