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Chicago Justice - Fool Me Twice - Review

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“I don’t think you’re approaching this with clear eyes.”

When Eric, one of Laura’s CIs, is shot and almost killed, Laura pleads with Peter to take the case. Eric was once part of a gang, but has since lived a reformed life. On scene, Laura meets detectives Kim and Banks, who are handling Eric’s case. Peter isn’t the only one with connections to Eric—a while back, Eric helped Peter put away a guy named Jason. So did Jason order a hit from prison? Or perhaps, was Jason’s brother Jerome involved? All good questions.

Jerome seems to be living a great life—he sells cars too expensive for me to even look at, wears a suit that probably costs more than what I make in half a year, and swears he’s out of the gang life. Jerome leads Laura and Antonio back to the on-scene detectives, who have been working the gang narcotics cases for quite a while.

Back at the hospital, Eric wakes and swears to Laura and Antonio that the heroin found in his car wasn’t his. So who do you believe, the word of a former drug dealer, or the two tenured detectives? Also, we learn that Laura and Eric have a bit of a history. The two grew up together, and it’s implied had a bit of a romantic relationship in high school. Eric seems like a great guy—hopefully he’s innocent. Sure enough, it doesn’t take long for the doubt surrounding Kim and Bates to settle in.

Looking through old files, Antonio finds a connection between several drug/murder cases, including Eric’s. The connection? All cases are or were investigated by the same narcotics unit led by Banks and Kim. So, is it a cover-up? Or are Banks and Kim dirty cops? That would be the latter—Lizzie (Eric’s sister) has a snitch of a boyfriend Benny, who made a deal with Jerome to kill Eric. Banks and Kim attempted to kill Eric on Jerome’s orders, who makes a deal in giving up the dirty cops.

Going after one cop? Risky and difficult. Going after two? Yikes. But after some pretty damning audio evidence is discovered (of the duo shooting Eric), thanks to Anna, there’s nothing left but a deal to strike. Banks and Kim essentially work with the gang members, make a profit, and kill on their orders. To protect his family, Kim agrees to plead guilty to whatever Peter wants and tell him everything about his and his partner’s shady dealings. Peter puts up a heck of a fight in court, but as the saying goes, you can’t get them all. Kim might be going away for life, but Banks was found not guilty on all charges.

I hate to constantly gripe about shows I watch (and review), but I have to be honest—Chicago Justice isn’t proving to be what I hoped. It feels like a cop show, not a law show. As much as I love Antonio (always have, always will), I need less investigation and more courtroom. I need lawyer strategy! I need more lawyers, more of the judges and juries—just more of the law. If I wanted another cop show, I’d watch another cop show. Okay, rant over.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the series? Is it living up to your expectations?

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