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Chicago Fire - My Miracle - Review

“Sometimes the men and women who answer the bell don’t come home.”

Alderman Casey’s continued quest for the first responders’ bill is…going up in flames (pun completely intended). At the first town hall, the people don’t even give him a chance to speak, which was infuriating. Don’t they know him like we know him?! No, they don’t, but I’m still holding it against them. Meanwhile, Ramon (Gabby’s dad) is driving Casey up the wall. Rightfully so—he’s annoying. Ramon’s presence drives a wedge between Gabby and Casey, who have their first official fight as a married couple. Yes, Casey wants Ramon gone, but I think it’s more that Ramon’s stay is indefinite. Gabby, on the other hand, wants her dad to stay as long as he needs to get on his feet. We don’t know Ramon well, but he doesn’t strike me as proactive type. While I don’t enjoy Gabby and Casey fighting, I did enjoy Casey’s venting with Severide. Seriously, why don’t we have more of just these two?! Anything with the two of them is gold.

Thanks to advice from Tamara, Casey meets with Blakeslee at Molly’s to discuss a way to compromise. Just when the two come to an agreement that would give both men the bills they want, Ramon drunkenly rants about Blakeslee and ruins the whole thing. Seriously, I’m with Matt—get Ramon out of here. I get where Gabby’s coming from when she tells Sylvie, “I get it. He’s completely out of control. But do you have any idea what it’s like to have the man who’s been the rock of the family crumbling in front of you?” but Ramon still needs to go. They can help him without having him live with them.

Though he’s on shift, Casey takes a trip to the town hall and blows everyone’s socks off! He gives a classic Matt Casey speech from the heart. “The first responders who show up when you call 911 deserve to know that this city has their back when the unthinkable happens.” And after the moving speech, Casey realizes what his priorities are—he steps down as alderman and nominates Tamara for his seat. She’s going to crush it, I’m thrilled! Goodbye, Casey’s alderman stories, I’m thrilled!

“I think, maybe, it’s time.”

Cruz is still hellbent on holding his grudge against Mouch after his suspension. When I try to see this from Cruz’s side, I understand some of the anger—without pay, he can’t pay for Leon’s college and might not be able to afford rent. But, that’s no excuse for his chilly attitude toward Mouch. Mouch did everything he could, and Cruz knows it. So when Boden tells Severide that one of his Squad members might have to go (as the permanent placement of Jason isn’t…permanent yet), they both settle on the best man getting the job, and part of me hopes Jason stays over Cruz. Crazy, right?

Meanwhile, Mouch seriously considers his friend’s offer from the previous episode to hang up his helmet and sell gear to firehouses. Later, he reminisces with Herrmann, and you get the feeling he’s serious about retirement. When Platt shows up, he makes his choice—the next shift will be his last.

“Let’s go for a ride.”

On the first call of the night, Herrmann and the rest of Truck 81 rescue a father and son from a burning car. They were on their way to a signing at Cubs’ Stadium, and the poor boy’s baseball cards burned in the fire. Leave it to Herrmann to tug on those heartstrings! He promises Hogan his own baseball card collection, but Cindy reminds Herrmann that he sold those in a garage sale years back for cross-country skis, which he sold for a mountain bike, which was also sold. Never has a scene more accurately depicted Herrmann and Cindy than that one there! It’s always a joy to see Cindy, and I hope we continue to see her next season.

So, Herrmann does one better—he orchestrates a visit to the stadium with the players for Hogan, who gets all the players’ autographs. But the most touching moment was when Hogan asked for Herrmann’s autograph. And here I thought I’d escape the hour without tears…

“They’re gonna make it. They always make it.”

The final call of the night might prove to be the most fatal for Firehouse 51. When the house arrives, the factory fire is already out of control, but they go in regardless. But before they run in, Mouch tells Herrmann the news, “This is my last shift. I’m retiring, this is it. It’s time.” A declaration like that means trouble in the immediate future for Mouch, and sure enough, things get much worse when he has an apparent heart attack while trapped inside with Herrmann. The building begins to crumble as the fire blazes, trapping most of Firehouse 51 inside. Aside from Mouch, Casey is left in the most precarious situation, with Severide and Jason unable to get to him. Otis and Stella are somewhere in the mix as well, status unknown.

Normally, I’d be right there with Sylvie, whispering how they always make it. But the truth is, they don’t always make it out. Cruz is desperate to get to Mouch, and tells him over the radio how sorry he is. But is it too late? Casey would be the last person to give up, so when he removed his mask, I burst into tears. He doesn’t plan on leaving the building alive and says his goodbyes to Gabby over the radio. “You know how much you mean to me, right? You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Gabby, I want you to remember us happy together and holding each other. You’re my miracle, Gabby. You’re my miracle. I love you.”

So, we’re left not knowing the fate of Casey, Herrmann, Mouch, Severide, Jason, Otis, and Stella and things are looking bleak. Honestly, someone has to die, right? I’d guess Mouch, which breaks my heart, but it’s the most logical. They can’t kill Casey (someone reassure me). How are we supposed to wait until September?!

What did you think of the episode? Who won’t make it out alive? Will Cruz find himself without a firehouse next season? Share your thoughts below!

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